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Sunday, 14 July 2013


I know why decaf coffee tastes awful--it's because it's coffee!

"And then I forgot. Idiot…."

I say, could it be the decaf …?

Dear Mike, your reasoning would be correct only if they (manufacturers) were throwing the caffeine away. But they sell it or use it in other products. All in all, "decaf + caffeine" gives them more profit.

[I'm not an expert, but I'm pretty sure that's not true. The processes used to produce decaffeinated beans and the processes used to extract caffeine for re-use are not the same, and in any event, it's the processors who get the extract, not the coffeemakers.

I'm open to being educated about this, but I can't research it today. I have too much to do. --Mike]

Only seeing one this end. ..

[You have to give me a minute. These things don't write themselves, you know. --Mike]

Good decaf for home roasting? Where is it?

Sorry Mike - I didn't check the timing and saw II so thought... oh never mind :) Thanks for all of them, whenever they come out.

Zingerman's Coffee roasters in Ann Arbor makes a Sumatran dark roast decaf that is delicious. They roast it for higher end restaurants and I only found out about it when I complained to Allen Leibowitz (one of the founders/owners) that I couldn't find a good tasting decaf. He brought this stuff out from the roasting room, and it's really quite good. Now I just ask them for it whenever I go there. They don't seem to sell it in retail stores, but if you call and ask them for it I'm sure they will ship it to you. Mike, maybe they would ship the green beans so you can roast it yourself--they are a very helpful and friendly bunch.


A friend tipped me off to tasty decaf beans that I liked as much as regular beans. I tried switching to solely decaf to settle a question: did I drink coffee for flavor, the ritual of making it, or the caffeine? I was convinced that the order of importance matched the previous sentence, but after a gradual transition to decaf, I lost interest in coffee after 40 years of devotion.

You'd think I'd know why I drank coffee all those years. It surprised me that I didn't understand my motivation for that simple daily act and made me consider other practices and assumptions.

"Wicked Joe" Organic Fair Trade decaf French Roast, sold at my local supermarket. Wonderful for my evening espresso.

Of course decaf doesn't taste as good. It doesn't get you high.

I have found some smaller roasteries who start with good quality beans in the UK. I buy this fairly regularly:


It is isn't over-roasted and works with all brewing methods I have tried. It usually arrives 3-4 days post roast.

Hi Mike

I'm a regular reader of TOP, and knowing you're a coffee drinker... I'm actually a supplier of the world's most expensive coffee... Kopi Luwak (google it). If you would see to the import requirements over in the US side for importing green coffee beans, I'd be happy to send you some green beans, in token of thanks for all the years I've been reading TOP. (I've also bought some of your TOP print offers, but that's a different story).

Let me know?


CK Lai

I've been a fan of Phil's coffee ever since you wrote about him in TOP. But I buy his roasted beans. One of these years, I'll have to learn how to roast beans myself.

Okay, you've addressed decaf. Now for a challenge, what about instant?

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