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Wednesday, 03 July 2013


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Already got a camera with a 22mm lens. Not a f2 though, it's a f2.8

I've shot with it, too, and I have to say it's tempting at $300 with the 35mm-e lens. But it sucks if it's $600. Great image quality, but frustrating to use. And a Canon rep told me he would "put the M on eBay" and buy an SL1. Not sure how I feel about that, the guy was a salesman and not a photographer.

But what if CHDK gets ahold of the M and hacks the crap out of it, turns it into a time-lapse powerhouse or something...could end up being a crazy steal at $300. Like I said, it's kinda tempting.

Most of the bad reviews or people unhappy with this camera were due the sluggish speed of the AF system. Canon fixed this recently with a firmware update, and the camera takes new live with it.
A camera with an APS-C sensor with a prime 22mm f/2 lens that fits in your pocket at $299 is a bargain never seen it before.

Following on the release of new firmware that's supposed to dramatically improve AF speed, this deal prompted me to pick up the 22mm kit today. I'm basically thinking of it as a large-sensor, fixed 35mm-equivalent compact. There aren't too many options if that's what you're looking for. The X100s is the obvious choice, but out of my budget and I'm specifically looking for a camera my wife will be comfortable using. I had considered adding the Olympus 17/1.8 or Panasonic 20/1.7 to my micro 4/3 setup, but both are more expensive than the discounted EOS M kit and my wife doesn't like using my E-M5 anyway. At $299 it seems worth giving the EOS M + 22mm f/2 a chance.

Used one for a week and lost the last bit of faith I had in Canon during those uneventful seven days... Sure, Canon was top dog in the world of digital cameras for a while, but you've got to wonder how long they plan to rest on their laurels. That said, I'm sure there are photographers who will love it, just as some like the image quality of the Canon 7D, or operatin of Leicas (Rangefinders are as outdated to me as penny-farthers).

This is the best small camera that I have used in 20 years for travel and documentary photography. The 22mm lens is a little gem. The kit 18-55mm zoom is better than the typical entry-DSLR kit zoom. Metal built, with metal mount.

The reception to the M is bad, due to slow focus and high price. But the interface is brilliant: I set the camera to aperture priority mode, auto-iso to 1600, and select the focus point by touch. So basically, once the camera is set, all you have to do is touch the screen to focus and shoot, or just to focus. What could be simpler? Image quality, especially from the 22mm lens, is very good indeed.

At the current discount price, and with the recent firmware update, this is the best deal in mirror less compacts these days.

@Paulo: You just described how to use the Sony NEX-5 models as well, which also have a rather nice lens lineup (and with a Samrt Adapter, the NEX bodies have just as much EF mount compatibility). The Olympus OM-D E-M5 and PEN E-P5 can be used similarly. Both have superior IQ and all-round performance to the EOS M, even after the new firmware. The EOS M looks like a decent little basic mirrorless, but it's held back by its long obsolete sensor which delivers IQ worse than the current Micro 4/3rds bodies and by the combination of few lenses and merely middling body performance.

@Mike: The 11-22 has been announced but not released, here's the DPReview preview link:

Personally, I wish that the SL1 had been and EF-M mount body as well and that Canon would bring out a couple more lenses (minimum) for the system. It certainly has potential but right now there's little reason to buy in other than a good deal, and you can get a lot of good deals on older mirrorless cameras, the Panasonic GX1, which is superior to the EOS M in many regards, has been showing up regularly for $200 body-only on Amazon.

It's too bad we have already exceeded the time scale of Roger Cicala's Graph of Imaging Equipment Perceived Worth.

I wonder what it is like to use the Canon EF f/2.5 compact macro on the adapter with the EOS M. That, plus the kit lens, plus the new wide angle, would seem like a neat combo.

The 11-22 is real. Announced June 6th.


How about getting one and doing an InfraRed conversion so you have a walk around IR 'point and shoot' with good quality, large file sizes?

So, does this mean Canon are poised to announce a version of the EOS M with the 70D sensor?

Or does it just mean that sales of the EOS M were a little disappointing?

Or both?

I'm one who tried but didn't gel with it. Lens performance was iffy at the corners (kit zoom) and I really need an EVF so I don't have to keep swapping glasses.

I bought the 22mm kit yesterday through the TOP link. I wanted one when they came out but the AF was dismal. The new firmware fixes that.

The 11-22 EF-M was announced.

Has anyone tried street photography with AF with the updated firmware? Did it work for you? And what would you compare it to?

It's turn on to first shot time is a slow 2.9s. I suspect that hasn't improved.

Shot to shot time is not bad with a fast (UHS-1) card.


Mike, apparently the mysterious Canon EF-M 11-22 f4-5.6 lens isn't officially announced in the US, which is why you can't find it listed in Canon US..... Dpreview has a preview at http://m.dpreview.com/previews/canon-efm-11-22-4-5p6-is-stm

Yup. I was referring to the new 11-22 zoom. Just announced in June and expected to ship this month.
John Driggers
Adelaide, South Australia

I'd buy one if I could use my many FD lenses. Oh wait, no. Might as well go Micro 4/3...

Having had a recent period of unemployment though, which has made me frugal, it is always better to buy the closeout at 50 cents on the dollar every few generations than pay full price on day one.

....I forgot to mention that I also use the OVF from my Leica X1 on my Eos M, which works perfectly with the 22mm f2 and transforms the Eos M into something much better than the X1 with faster Af, more solid body and altogether more responsive overall, all that for less than a quarter of the price of the X1...

I'd buy it but I'm still happily using the last $300 closeout marketing failure (K-01). You can't go wrong at this price.

Until a few weeks ago I simply couldn't understand why the EOS M even existed.

Then, the new firmware came out.

Then, on Monday, B&H had them at $445. Having been disappointed by every p&s camera I've ever owned, I loved the idea of a tiny camera with a decent sized sensor, so I bought one with the 22/f2 lens, along with the EOS M Lens Adapter and a 50/f1.8 Canon lens.

Then, on Wednesday, the price dropped to $299, and my outfit was scheduled for delivery that day. I called B&H, and they immediately adjusted my buying price by the reduction to $299. Great service!

I've had my EOS M outfit since Wednesday. For about %550, I have a body, an insanely great FAST 35mm equivalent lens, and a very nice FAST 35mm equivalent short portrait lens.

You can do a hell of a lot worse for %550.

Also, from my limited experience, this camera is at least as good at ISO 1600 as my Nikon D800's and D600's.

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