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Friday, 19 July 2013


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Hah. In 2002, you thought 40 was old.

What do you think now? (I can't recall where I saw, it, but I recently saw the comment that to the young, 40 is old, while to the old, 50 is young.)

Jeps, computers always do what you ask them to, not what you think you asked them too....that in fact is their power. And that is why I do not worry about AI since what use would it be to create a computer that is as stupid as a human, really.

Greets, Ed,

Thanks so much for the excuse to keep my moustache (especially now we've moved somewhere with sunshine).

Maybe if my laptop grew a moustache, I could see the screen when I am out in the Sun.

Followed the link to LL ... excellent set of photos there Mike.

I'll never forget this article from Luminous Landscape! A classic that is well worth going back to. It actually set me on a long quest for this ever elusive OM Zuiko and what a treat!
You're a very talented writer but when it gets to lenses, we'll never have enough of your prose–thanks again!

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