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Thursday, 04 July 2013


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I like photos that reveal a connection between photographer and subject - Mari clearly likes her uncle!

Enjoy your holiday Mike.
Just a note about the family photo with your post; that is my kind of picture; nicely framed, the kind of picture I'd be happy to have taken.

happy Fourth to you as well, Mike, from north of the border.


My first thought when I saw it- that's the kinda picture that would only work in... B&W

"Sony NEX-6 which I have had specially modified...which takes months and costs thousands."

I guess I got lucky then.

Mine fell into a bucket of water. Took about $0.00015 cents worth of electricity to run a hair dryer long enough to resuscitate it, and now everything's monochrome.

Apparently the bath it took washed all the dyes out of the sensor.

My sister's name is Mari, but I don't know if that has anything to do with it. Hard to tell about these things.

Mike can you said the name of the laboratory to send my ipod 5th generation to demosaicing?

Stripped photosites, eh? Lovely answer. Is the TOPcam model a Sony Tri-X by any chance?

Happy Fourth and Fifth etc.

You should start an enterprise called "Locography", which does crazy things to expensive digital imaging devises. (No disrespect to the wonderful Lomography folks, who do wonderful things with simple equipment).

I, for one, quite like that picture as-is.

Best regards,

Don't bring the TOPCam to Albuquerque the first week of October then!

BTW, is the "Interior Hot Air Ballon shot" one of the required shots for a portfolio?

I once had the somewhat surreal experience of driving down the elevated portion of the Kennedy on the 4th as "unofficial" fireworks displays enveloped the roadway in every direction.

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