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Friday, 05 July 2013


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LOL. Probably one of your funniest posts ever...



While it won't work yet, I predict this link: http://www.google.com/trends/explore#q=NEX-XXX&date=today%201-m&cmpt=q will yield interesting results over the next few days...


That 2nd shot is beautiful.

It's posts like these that make ToP so good. Thanks

So you've got your own, unique, Leica M Monochrom, presumably for a much smaller amount. Congrats!
And I just love the fireworks picture. I find the fact that it is black and white quite refreshing.

Nice shots.

If I were you, I would have posted that picture of the fire in colour, claiming it was made using a combination of the ultra-fast frame rates your new camera is now capable of and the prototype motorized Leitz Tri-Colour Filter Carousel.

You're a very funny man.

That first pic is seriously good.

Your lightning bug in a jar mention, made me think of a shared link by Richard Vanek yesterday, of the work of Polly Chandler... she has a photo that I liked, entitled - 'Like A Kid Wo Captures A Firefly And Leaves Only To Die In A Jar'.

As with your B&W firework image, last night's weather dictated otherwise for those in my neck of the woods, and their shooting off of fireworks, which in turn made me miss out on doing this year's installment of my annual Achromatic Fireworks series shooting, on the most fireworky night of the year.

So Mike, it seems you've become a humorist now. I enjoyed your entertaining post!

Did you have a pleasant Independence Day trip then? :)

Can you do 'sepia toning' in camera? If so, I want one.

I was looking for an SA, even suspected m3photo as the "tri ex" fixer.

I like the bottom of the two: the sun's orb shining through the thick brush fire smoke.

No color-fringing anywhere!

"Okay, I'll admit it, the top picture of those two really does look better in color."
Thats why I shoot in color and convert appropriate frames in PS to black and white.
In my film days, rather than carry two cameras, I shot in 35mm color and did the B&W by making 4x5 internegs in the enlarger. The best of both worlds.

Perhaps Mike has a dylectic camera;
he is using a TopCon camera with black and white film. Entirely understandable.

However I much prefer the first photo of the fishing pole with its
neck and head in the water the tail of the pole held by a humanoid standing on a rock.


"Dave fishin" is a beautiful image! Even the small jpeg rendered here shows wonderful tones and luminosity!

[Thanks to all for the nice compliments. I like "Dave Fishin'" too. --Mike]

Mike, you should name your new camera TOPar or SOLar :-)

The first image is really good.

I fell for the joke (or was it wishful thinking). Anyway, did a search and for $2000+ you can get a Canon converted, see
Their explanation is informative on what needs to be done for such a conversion.I can understand the price just thinking about all those photocells that would have to be modified.

"Dave Fishin" is really nice. My eye danced all over the frame finding treats everywhere.

I hope you print it someday and tell us how it looks on paper.

Love the first picture. Beautifully seen and composed. I wish that my "snapshots" looked half as good.

Also, I didn't know that Sony "Tri-X" involved conversion work in an aftermarket shop. I thought that it was a special edition released by Sony on April 1. And discontinued on April 2.

You guys still have lightning bugs? Here in Rhode Island I see maybe three a year now. When I was a kid they were everywhere. The three times a year that I see them just make me feel sad that they're gone. I don't know why they're gone, but I assume it's something we (humans) did. Glad to hear y'all are still getting to enjoy them!

[I haven't read anything about it, but I've been thinking that too. I'll walk around on a perfect "lightning bug" evening and just see a few, and remember when I was a kid that they could practically light up the yard--they'd be twinkling all over the place. Just seems like there are a lot fewer of them now. Makes me sad, too. --Mike]

These are some great shots! I love the firework picture, so simple but astounding.

I googled "Murkin" and found a range of different definitions in the "Urban Dictionary". However, I still have no idea of which of those definitions is applicable in this context. I'm sure it's not the one I already knew.

[American = Ammuricun = Murkin. Given the other definitions perhaps I should use "Murricun" in the future. --Mike]

The first frame really speaks to me. Nice work.

Those three fire pictures are absolutely brilliant.

Go home, Mike, you're drunk. ;-)

Speaking of fireworks... I've never seen them photographed like this before...
But I still prefer your b&w shot :)

The first picture is truly stellar. I cannot image the first fire picture better in color. Sometimes life is better between black and white.

Arm, Flame, Bush, Cloud, Sun is the only photograph in that group. Throw the rest away.

The guy fishing is corny and makes me seize up. The smoke pic shouldn't be there either, thoogh, it's better than FISHING PIC-which you should delete after giving the fisherman a copy..IF you even knew him, or, were even there!! (i think you downloaded it off of Flickr and then put it in that photoprogram you use)

The flame pic says everything and is a great photo about the entire world.

You had a good day.

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