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Sunday, 02 June 2013


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Go for it! Just let us know how to help.

Here's hoping.

Congratulations Mike! (Or deepest sympathies, or whatever…)

My walls are full of bookshelves so I'm not likely to help pay for the new premises by purchasing prints. My bookshelves are already overflowing with books so I rarely help fund TOP with Amazon purchases (and Amazon is really starting to annoy me with claims that they have books in stock when they don't), but I've just upped the frequency of my subscription payment to TOP because your blog/magazine/whatever contributes to the richness of my day and gives me much pleasure.


Re. your upcoming Kickstarter campaign: I was thinking the very same thing to address TOP's space dilemma. Your site is the first photography site I visit each day, so count me in.

Cheers Mike.

Is this related to "Dammit, dammit, dammit, dammit."?

If so, count me in...although in an embarrassingly modest way.

It's my opinion that any lender who demands W2s instead of proof of a consistent stream of income -- Form 1040, etc. -- is clearly the wrong lender.

Congrats, Mike! Looking forward to hearing about the new TOP.

Ah yes, the website. However will updating the website encourage the owner to finish his own home renovations as well? Including a dark room and various other unfinished tasks?

Enquiring minds would like to know.

Um..you should talk to that banker of yours about snagging that house..as part of the growth plan...creative finanacing, sell your house..roll as many dice as you can find, especially if you already have a relationship with your "banker", Boyyyy.

I'll be happy to contribute to a Kickstarter campaign!

Wohoo! Let us know how to help.

Remember you double cost and time for any construction project. If doing it yourself think triple.

Well, whatever it is, I'm in too.

Ya may get your year yet. Obviously, you produce a worthwhile "product," one that has proven itself over the years and has grown and sustained a considerable public following- for good reason.

Take the leap, see where it leads- whatever the outcome (and it's hard to see "catastrophe" here with all the above), if only so you'll no longer suffer that nagging little voice in the back of your head... "what if?"

Really inspiring to read your last two posts -- wish you all the best, and of course hopefully be able to support you with your future endeavours!

Cheers, Pak

Go for it, all the best :)

Can't wait! Keep up the good work!

Sounding good! Very happy to read this.

Does this mean that you've bought the house up the street?


Try a credit union too. They might be more receptive to someone without a W2.

Good luck on this!

Mike, The only problem with Kickstarter is that your non-USA buddies can't help you... Bear.


Those of us "down under" look forward to seeing you move to our neck of the woods. (That _is_ what you mean, isn't it? [vbg] )

Oh yes, remember there's the option of telecommuting to minimise pressures on one physical space. But then that's a good definition of TOP at present.

I wonder if physically remote people can see the _same_ image, either on screen or (more likely) printed, using something like X-Rite's ColorMunki "Digital Pouch"? That would be an interesting experiment.

Best wishes from Oz,

Wishing you all the best.

Make sure you pick a system with Multi-user comments moderation ability. Multiple people should have access to comments moderation. That way you could outsource the first-pass-moderation to someone else to get rid of obvious spams. I'm sure that would save you tremendous amount of time... >> ... more interesting articles for us, the audience.

Count me in for the kickstarter. I'm reading TOP every day even since before it existed, which goes back to the days of the the sunday photographer ober at the luminous landscape!

You got readers across the pond in the "old continent" that love you too. GO FOR IT...!!!

Hrm. Since you're sold on moving, why not get one step bigger? A slightly bigger house with a slightly bigger basement? More room for bookshelves. Two enlargers side by side. A half studio? Don't buy a mansion but price yourself a bit higher~!

Congratulations, and good fortune with it!

Before you launch the KS project, I urge you to take a very close look at some of the more successful campaigns and how they were run. It is critical to have frequent updates throughout the campaign, 2-5 per week. The reward tiers should also offer something for everyone, as much as that's possible given a print offering.

@Bear You can most certainly can participate on KS projects outside the US. I have backed several projects myself (I'm in Netherlands), and there are numerous projects posted outside the US.

The main problem is that KS doesn't support Paypal. Paypal takes your money right away, while KS only IF the project funds, so they are not compatible.

So if your country doesn't have Amazon Checkout or if you don't have a credit card, you're SOL.

The only problem with Kickstarter is that your non-USA buddies can't help you... Bear.

Not so: I've participated in a few (from the UK). The starter needs to be in the US (or appear to be, e.g. have a US bank account), but supporters do not need to be.

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