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Tuesday, 11 June 2013


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Well, at least TOP hasn't caused them to be sold out---yet.

But, I just checked and the price has gone up at The Book Depository. Moral: Never wait to buy a book you want if it's featured on TOP.

I have the 2005 book, too, and love it. So let's see if we can continue that T.O.P. effect - I just ordered my copy of the "Universe Next Door"

I told myself, "No more of Mr. Johnson's book recommendations."

Yeah, right.

Now on order.

[Well and good, Mike, but it's "Johnston," with a "T." Johnson ("John's son") is English, Johnston (it means "John's farm," "tun" being 10th-century Scots for a small freeholding) is Scottish. Johnston and Johnstone are the same clan. --Mike of the ilk

P.S. Also, I haven't seen the book yet. So this one is Ken's recommendation, and your resolution remains intact!]

Just a head's up, for those in the Boston area, there's an event/talk with Morell and Elizabeth Siegel coming up in a couple of weeks.


Grr! Got to wait until payday! OK, that's only next week but I want it NOW!!!!!!!

(Sorry for the exclamation mark overload.)

I was hoping that was going to be a book tour but it seems the Brookline event is a one off (in his home town of Brookline, MA).

Good grief! Another photo book that I feel compelled to buy because of this website. I'm running out of shelf space. In truth, I am spending more time looking at the work of really fine, creative photographers in an effort to give my own work a kick in the butt.

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