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Friday, 28 June 2013


I read elsewhere (PetaPixel?) that the Sun-Times did publish a different & better (much larger and from the on-ice celebration) photo in the Stanley Cup insert in the paper itself.

As a life-long Bruins fan, the fewer reminders of this loss, the better. I do tip my cap to the Blackhawks. They're a terrific team and play the game the right way. I hope they and their fans enjoy the victory.

So much for my plans to take Mike's OMD to "meet" the Stanley Cup...


When I saw this I couldn't help but notice how the Tribune's excellent "in the thick of the celebration" shot is displayed huge, dominating the page, while the Sun-Times page has the photo drowning in a sea of primary color and dominated by the huge headline text. "Yeah, we had to run this photo but we kinda hope you don't notice it."

Maybe the guy holding the Stanley Cup was smiling when the reporter touched the "take a pic" button on their iPhone and had finished smiling by the time the shutter actually tripped.

Dial M for Mediocrity.

Good example. This goes exactly with what I have been saying the Tribune should be doing. Were I the editor, I would do nothing but load the front page, above the fold, with eye catching, local photos, day after day after day. The same goes for the back page for that matter. Why wouldn`t they do their best to emphasize how the Tribune has something that the Sun-Times no longer has?

As for the Tribune's photo; it is very good, but to my eyes, it actually appears to be a little overly 'Shopped for a journalistic photo. Not that I haven't seen worse.

A much better, and fair-er (less cherry-picked), take I think. But you have to read the whole way down to the part where they show lots of recent covers :


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