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Monday, 24 June 2013


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At first I wondered why the fellow needed so many coffee cups!

Judging by the photo, LensRentals are now renting out vacumn flasks that match those coffee cup 'lenses' : ]

I originally read that post's title as Roger Cicada's Nine Commandments....."Emerge from the ground every SEVENTEEN years! Not sixteen, not eighteen."

Mike, you should check out his lens history series. Truly fascinating histories of the people who designed the lenses that all current lenses are designed around.


Never miss his blog, which is bookmarked along with TOP. I emailed you his post on the future of the camera industry, which I thought might prompt some of your own thoughts on the matter.


Sorry, Mike, but that photo was on numerous sites weeks ago.

[And that matters to me in what way? I'm puzzled. --Mike]

"Where else can you go to see a Touit dismantled, with expert commentary?"
Geek talk Mikey. If you're really serious about branching out try Bearycheap.
Now THAT'S different stuff, on a branch of its own.

The tenth commandment?

Go Blackhawks!

Hawks Win!!


The Photography Consumer's Bill of Rights could usefully find rather wider application beyond the purely commercial field, at least for the first four items...

1. We have a right to be treated as intelligent beings.

2. We have a right to factual information.

3. We have a right to not be lied to.

4. We have a right to know how things work.

Great idea those nine commandments, but the camera manufacturers are still stonewalling on most problems. Yes, we have the right to all the things Roger mentioned - doesn't mean it is going to happen anytime soon.

If it doesn't matter to you, Mike, that's fine. But I would think what would matter to you, but perhaps I'm wrong, is what matters to your readers. Usually your posts are new and informative. In this case, it was old news, that's all I was pointing out. Nothing more, nothing less.

I recently used their service and found it to be excellent. Even had to extend the rental period for a D800. Great service and thanks for mentioning these guys a few months ago.

> Roger Cicala's Nine Commandments

I suppose the picture is showing an angry Roger preparing to smash the Canon lenses which took him forty days of toil to obtain from the Maker's Mount Horeb depot. LensRental's marketing department apparently told Roger upon his return that the clients were now involved in the sin of Nikoning.

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