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Friday, 14 June 2013


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Ah, Lisbon. Such fond memories. And one jarring one: the sound of my Nikon FE2 clattering off those lovely stone steps when it slipped out of my hand. Bent the back, and I didn't realize there was a light leak until I got the film developed. (Years later, thanks to the magic of cropping, B&W conversion, and digital burning, I was able to hide some of the leaks: http://www.blork.org/mondaymorning/index.php?showimage=192)

If you want to know what Lisbon can look like, check out "Lisbon Story," a 1994 film by Wim Wenders. A small film that Wenders made as a pet project, or as he called it, "a love song for Lisbon." A visually and aurally beautiful film. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lisbon_Story_%281994_film%29

Excellent video. Loved his thoughts on workshops. My workshops are almost totally visual and organic in nature. I abhor all the equipment "stuff" and all the prattle that goes along with it.

I really hope to take his workshop someday. His work is always great and so human.

Nice and it's great to see someone in love with life.

I followed Peter's posts from Lisbon on Facebook over the last week or so. Excellent work! Frankly said I've been thinking about returning to Lisbon since my frist visit back in 1990 or 1991, but never got around to actually doing so. Next spring might be a good point in time... ;-)

Thanks for this, John. A very nice little film on Peter's work and philosophy.

Thanks for the link Mike - beautiful.

I can hear the audio, but there's no picture. Is it just me?

[I hope so. There should be video as well as audio. --Mike]

What a good guy.

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