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Wednesday, 12 June 2013


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I don't know that I've ever seen a less subtle recommendation from you Mike, which got my attention - so I hit your link and bought it. I hope enough others do that it makes you a bit better off this month. Win/Win indeed. Glad I can help support the TOP World Headquarters a bit.

Thanks for the tip. Just ordered mine. Funny that I spent yesterday afternoon assembling an Ikea bookshelf for my growing collection.

Thanks for the post! I ran (clicked?) over and bought it as soon as I saw your post. I may have to stop looking at these posts until they are sold out though. I bought Walker Evans: American Photographs as your first best book of 2012. I need more shelf space...

You haven't led me astray with your book recommendations yet. I missed this book the last time it was available but got in line for is this time. Amazon says it ships in 11-12 days. I'm looking forward to it.


Thank you. I've been waiting for it to reappear. Placed order. :-)

I got mine too. 6 left in Amazon.

It is actually available in other languages. For example amazon.it has it in Italian for around €45... It's been published in various languages including French, Spanish... And the photos work the same. More or less.

just placed mine. due the end of the month (!?).

Got mine. Is this another one of your tests to see how influential you are on your readers' purchase decisions?

[No. And what do you mean "another one"? There's never been a first one. --Mike]

I've been meaning to mention what David did above. IN fact, I was in Spain in April and while walking the streets of Barcelona I ambled into a bookstore, formerly a convent, and as I walked through I spotted a copy of here, far away! I immediately bought it, even though I don't speak nor read much Spanish. That's one great thing about photobooks, language, while additive, is not a barrier for enjoyment.

It let me order two copies (the other being for a Finnish friend). Hope they're real!

Dozens of his images online at

Thanks Mike. Ordered mine and should have it by end of the month.


You said if I did not like this book I could sell it in a few years for a wad of cash. I've heard similar remarks about the 'value' of other books. Where and how do I sell them. I have various photo books, of some value, that I want to sell. HOW???


Wikipedia says: Pentti Sammallahti (born 1950 in Helsinki) is a Finnish photographer. In 1991 he was given a twenty-year grant by the Finnish government.

Sorry? Twenty what? I'm Canadian, this (bang my head) level of support does not compute.

Bought the book none the less. And also 'Eliot Porter: In the Realm of Nature'. Couldn't resist the luscious leaves on the cover.


I saw Pentti Sammallahti's work earlier this year in Paris. Many of the prints were from the book and they were very small (too small for my own preference actually) so maybe the book echoes this ethos.

The photo peeking in at the left is one from the book I believe

Amazon UK are not showing it yet but they are listing a new volume by Don McCullin. In it's own way, just as much a cause for celebration. http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/0224078704

I live in a country next to Germany. During the TOP-induced (Ha ha only serious!) craze for this book, when demand exceeded supply by a thousandfold, the supply of the German edition seemed not to suffer from any scarcity. I asked (and received) "Hier weit entfernt" as a graduation gift in March, but German supplies seem to have finally run out there, too.

You know what Mike says.. Oh well!

Despite being pessimistic about availability back in January, I ordered one in the local bookstore which happened to have a competitive sale price then. I had to wait a couple of months, but from some unknown source they finally managed to deliver it. It's worth every recommendation.

Color Correction is going for over $1600? Holy cow. I'm glad I bought one, but now I'm thinking I ought to have bought two. Couple of those equal new D800 or v2 70-200 f/2. 8 or vacation to take pix with the old camera.

Hi Mike, ordered mine through your link and Amazon gave me a June 27th shipping date and delivery to San Diego on July 2nd. Thanks

Oh my! I ordered a second one.

I thought about buying one, but I don't have money, though I do have $800 on a gift card at amazon.ca. But amazon.com won't let you spend amazon.ca money, and you don't have a link to amazon.ca

I'm afraid I'm going to get this without your commission. Blame Canada ... I mean, blame Amazon!.

[But I do have an Amazon Canada link. You can find it under the banner ad in the right-hand sidebar. --Mike]


When you issue such a strong "buy" recommendation, I immediately click on the Amazon link. Such is the weight of your opinion around here (not that I always agree).

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