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Friday, 07 June 2013


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Some of my favorite movies are on the top 10 :) and my #1 is their #2... I guess I'm very predictable or just the same age as whoever wrote that list...

Usually I'm out of sync with these sorts of lists... but surprisingly (to me) #4, #3, and #2 are my #1, #3, and #2 favorite romantic comedies. What did not make the list (probably because it's not really a comedy) is Before Sunrise.

Too much from the last 15 years, but a lot of movies I really like, including Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, though I'm not even sure I consider it a romantic comedy, and #6? Uh, if you say so. It's more like a romantic tragedy. I kept wishing he'd just move on. Kooky is overrated. Good movie, though.

If you like Hugh Grant, I'm also very fond of his less popular Words and Music, an interesting romantic comedy that defers the romance in an unexpected way that is so much more realistic. I think it's better than the pleasantly predictable Notting Hill. It quite properly recognizes that a man preoccupied with career difficulties might not even see Drew Barrymore right under his nose, except as the lyricist he needs. There's a hilarious sendup of a Wham video and fun supporting characters, and the suspense over when the movie will admit it even is a romcom is subtle and charming. And no one is better than Hugh Grant at this.

Nice to see the two essential John Hughes/Molly Ringwald films recognized. Poor Ducky, still pining. And lovely to see Wall-E on there. Ee-vuh? Eeee-vuh!? That's a movie with real heart.
Waitress is a great choice, too, well worth its spot. I know it doesn't end with the couple united, but in every other way Shakespeare in Love is a great romantic comedy, just with an unhappy, if essential, ending. The final, mysterious scene like something from The Tempest, could not be improved upon.

I'm not much of a rom-com type, but I didn't see either Something's Gotta Give or Frankie and Johnny on that list. Both recommended.
For stranger tastes, Innocent Blood is a vampire-based rom-com that is well worth looking out.

I suppose such a list a supposed to generate a little discussion, but man, he's got some real clinkers in there, namely, number 15 and 16 should not be on the list. Your own number 1 (his 34) should be top 5. Here is the properly ranked top 5 -

The Apartment
Groundhog Day
The Lady Eve
About a Boy
Eternal Sunshine/Princess Bride (tie)

How about Much Ado About Nothing? Talk about a classic!

i'd like to note, that the list of rom-com linked only lists hollywood movies. even in ceinema, there is a world outside the U.S. of A.

just to mention _one_ movie i am missing from this list - consider 'if you are the one'.

and there are many many more.

I've never been one that cares for romantic comedies unless Cary Grant is in the cast. An exception without Grant that I liked was Gross Pointe Blank with John Cusack and Minnie Driver which wasn't on the list.

I'll add a couple of others to that rom-com list (a genre that generally I dislike for the usual reasons, but it has its moments)

Music & Lyrics - another Hugh Grant vehicle, paired with Drew Barrymore, and they are both great. Grant does a wonderful job playing a has-been 80's Brit pop star in the mold of Wham/George Michael), and actually does the singing on some of the songs. The soundtrack is fully of sly spoofs of Britney Spears and 80's pop. Strong supporting cast all around.

The Invention of Lying - Ricky Gervais and Jennifer Garner. This starts out seeming like a relatively benign rom-com, but takes a strong subversive turn about half way through. Many hilarious moments (I loved the TV commercial for Coca Cola) and observations about life.

How Sabrina (either the original 1954 version or my preferred 1995 version) didn't even mate the top 50 is frankly beyond me. :)

How could they leave off "Sid and Nancy"?

'Before Sunrise' and 'Before Sunset' would make my top ten. Can't wait for the forthcoming third in the series.

[It's probably delayed because they're stuck for a title. --Mike]


I cannot respect a list that does not include "Bull Durham," which also happens to be the best sports film ever.

My top 5 romantic comedies would include, in no particular order:

"Annie Hall"
"Bull Durham"
"Groundhog Day"
"The Graduate"

Before Sunrise' and 'Before Sunset' would make my top ten. Can't wait for the forthcoming third in the series.
[It's probably delayed because they're stuck for a title. --Mike]

I’ve already blocked out my calendar for Before Midnight, which is opening this month on the following Schedule. I will definitely be adding my dollars to The Lowest-Grossing Trilogy Ever. (My dollars are in the totals for the first two movies.)

I am rather shocked to discover that I've seen nearly every movie on this list. I'm a big fan of movies, but I don't think of myself as a big fan of romcoms.

I have a number of disagreements, of course. "500 Days of Summer" makes me stabby, "You've Got Mail" and "Sleepless in Seattle" are just terrible (like some form of cinematic punishment for the sin of watching romcoms), "Pretty Woman" is offensive on every conceivable level, and I am, apparently, the only human on Earth who didn't think that "The Philadelphia Story" was any good.

I also find the omissions of the Gwyneth Paltrow version of "Emma" and the Emma Thompson version of "Sense and Sensibility" to be unforgivable.

As for ordering, "Groudhog Day," "Clueless," "The Shop Around the Corner," and "Moonrise Kingdom" are all underrated, although the top 7 are so strong that I'd struggle as to where to put them.

[I'm the other person in the world who doesn't like "The Philadelphia Story" at all. So mannered it just makes me tired to watch it. I don't find it scintillating or charming in the least.

And I could write a whole dissertation on the bred-in-the-bone horribleness of "Pretty Woman," a deeply ugly movie masquerading as a feel-good one. --Mike]

Again, I'm no expert in the genre, but where was Roman Holiday?

Good list (I've actually seen most of them, and added most of the rest to my list to be watched)

I would add (in no order):

Seeking a Friend for the End of the World
Garden State
Breakfast at Tiffany's
As Good as it Gets
The Wedding Singer
Shakespeare in Love
The Sweetest Thing
Father of the Bride
Beautiful Girls
Meet the Parents
Sliding Doors (maybe not truly a comedy, but a great movie)

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