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Saturday, 15 June 2013


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I was introduced to her work via Joe McNally's blog a couple of years ago. He has conducted some workshops at her & her husband's studio as I recall. I also got to meet her at a small photography convention in Charlotte, NC a couple of years back and she seemed as down to earth as a person could get.

The book sounds interesting. Seems that it covers some topics that you don't see in the usual photography how-to guide. Body armor selection? That will be a first in my photography book collection.

A suggestion for book reviews: when both paper and e-book versions are available, note whether you have any recommendations as to format.

For text, of course, it's merely the reader's preference, but for books like this one, it's not immediately obvious whether it would “work” on any e-book reader or if it contains photos that would lose something without a relatively large-screen, color reader.

John, an off topic comment. Just finished your most recent book. A real page turner, glad you brought Lucas back into the game. Great read, recommend it to all TOP readers.

"for saving the life [sic] of several soldiers during"

Why the need for [sic] ?

Each one of those several solders has one life only - therefore singular is correct ?

[The "[sic]" was John's; however, "saving the lives of several soldiers" would be correct. --Mike the Ed.]

"The book is $28.79 in paperback from Amazon, or $14.40 on the Kindle."

$20.38 somehow..... maybe a special price for UK customers!

Where is the section on iPhone photojournalism?

I bought this book on the strength of John's review and I'm loving every second of it. I've been a working professional photographer for nearly three decades but the most in harm's way I've been while working is one time when the mayonnaise in some crab dip went bad on a corporate lake cruise. This book is like going along into war situations with a photographer who also, when she was in the service, carried a side arm. I love it. May be the best $14.96 I ever spent on a kindle book. It's that good! Thanks for the recommendation. One of the reasons I love Mike's blog!

Re spastic, when I was a kid it was a common term of abuse/disparagement particularly among kids. This led to the word being practically abandoned in the UK. Interestingly, and to my amusement, the word "gay" (entirely divorced from any notion of sexuality) has been a generalised term of abuse among British kids for a while now. It will be the next to go.

re spastic / retard, John, as far as I recall "retard" in British English is a synonym for "delay". Often used in the context of car ignition, but maybe that applies to US English as well. The US meaning - which I suppose derives from "late developer" - only really crept in with the Internet.

Adobe charges $20 for "retard", and £40 for "spastic" :-)

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