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Thursday, 02 May 2013


Hi Mike,

Salgado's book is already out in Europe. I had pre ordered Genesis in March and it arrived some weeks ago. A big project and a big book (even bigger depending on how much money you are prepared to spend) and production values are very good. However if you don't like double page spreads well you out of luck with this book. They are everywhere. I put some pictures up on my site http://www.crowleyphoto.com/blog_files/a5b2d1a6c65edce94ca6f89032e127d1-8.html so you can see for yourself. Genesis is excellent value, more than reasonably priced.

Thanks for great blog Mike.


Best set of sample pictures I've ever seen....

Greets, Ed.

Geez. Nice Zeiss. Makes me want to be a photographer again.

The page on Flickr is private. Too bad.

[I believe you just have to be signed in to flickr, which is easy to do. --Mike]

If they make the 12mm in M4/3rd's, I think I'll have to put the ranch up for sale...

For some reason the link says I don't have permission to see the page, that it's private. Any clue as to why?

[I believe you just need to sign in to flickr. Try that and please let me know if you have further problems. --Mike]

Why do you have to sign up to Yahoo just to view some photos?

Signed in to Flickr, page still comes up as private...

Um... I’m being told that Flickr page is private and I can’t see it.

Nope, I’m signed into Flickr. It’s begging me to re-upgrade to Pro, which maybe I should do anyhow.

Nope, I'm signed into Flickr, and the page is private. Maybe it's set to contact/friend access only, and you're a contact or friend of the owner?

That looks to be, more precisely, a round touit. I'm sure Zeiss will make the images accessible when they actually get a round touit.

With my apologies,

Martin Doonan wrote:
"As an aside: I wonder if all the parrot fanciers out there are going to start getting annoyed by their Googling being polluted by links to photography websites?"

I can see camera people annoyed by:

  • having psittacidae websites polluting their Google results, or
  • the questionable flair for English slang of Zeiss' product marketing department

  • resorting to nicknames like "Twitar" or "Twitagon" to refer to that lens, a bit like the Sigma 200-500/2.8 has been nicknamed the "Sigmosaur" ;-)

    Herr Zeiss: that is bad PR.

    I am a Flickr member, and when I clicked on the link this morning from my home iMac, it took me to a large collection (3 pages?) of photos. The photos were taken with the 12mm mounted on the Fuji and the 32mm on the NEX (or vice versa) according to a note on the page.
    I just tried it from my office Dell, and I got the "no access" message. Perhaps someone at Zeiss had inadvertently posted the photos, and Zeiss just found out?

    Thought I would take a look, but it may be a while before I get around (wait for it) to it.

    Dear Mike,

    Something changed in the page status. I could view it shortly after you put up this pot; now when I try to go to it, I get the "this page is private" screen. Nothing's changed in my status (and, no, I'm not a flckr member).

    pax / Ctein

    Well you little hacker Mike......I guess these weren't meant for public viewing. Well in this case the early bird cought the wurm. BTW, the 60 mm Sigma is out (Fotobooms in The Netherland is selling it, or so it seems), for NEX and m4/3 for 169 Euro or 239 at BH foto....



    Other colors also available.....now I don't preorder anything after a test by Mike, so get cracking Mike.

    Greets, Ed.

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