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Sunday, 26 May 2013


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The march you saw yesterday was but a part of a world wide effort to prevent the global endangerment of our food supply by the corporate entity known as Monsanto.


Um, about those black "darkroom print" frames... aren't they a bit, I don't know, cheesy?

"Later, two cyclists wait for a red light at the same intersection."

I thought they would be waiting for a green light. :-)

I see leaves on the trees in Madison, but the protesters are wearing coats. I can see that in black and white.

Dear Mike,

Personally, I'd have left in a little more of the sprocket holes.

Jest sayin'...

pax / Ctein

> two cyclists wait for a red light

I know cyclists don't always obey the road rules but are you sure they weren't waiting for a green light?

I am shooting M43 and Nikon D800E, printing to a 3880, forgetting peeking at the pixels a 4/3 image fits on a 17x22 sheet better than a 2/3 file.
That is a 15x20 he is holding, nice even borders all around, a 14x21 not such a nice fit.
Way to go Ctein!

Two cyclists waiting for a red light? Must be in never-never land. In Berkeley the bike riders just blast through the lights and stop signs.

Sadly, you're not the only one who thinks your running joke is funny...

Was the protest about soaring auction prices for Group f/64 prints?

"I think it's the opposite."

As much as I hate to admit it (probably because it underscores how long it's been since I printed in a darkroom), you're right. I thumbed through a number of my old prints after reading your reply, and though I thought I recalled letting the outside edges of the black border die into the white margin, in just about every case, the outside of the black border was cropped by my easel blades, exactly like the example* you provided. I fiddled with a wide ragged black border on some prints, but I eventually standardized on a thin cropped black border.

Memory is not always all that persistent.

*I like that shot a lot.

Dear Mike,

Laura and I got to the show today and, yeah, I was pretty impressed. Two, mebbe three photos that I thought didn't really live up to the collection as a whole (e.g., a water dropletted nude on some rocks that was unoriginal at the time it was made, let alone now); a remarkably high overall quality, really.

You're right about Ida Wyman. Wow! Where'd she come from?!

Also, maybe my ignorance, but I wasn't familiar with Archie Lieberman, who was doing totally wonderful things with light.

A real treat and a overly way to wind up a trip. Tomorrow it's back into the darkroom (sigh).

pax / Ctein

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