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Thursday, 02 May 2013


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That's awesome. I'm always impressed with how generous folks can be in the right situation. Neat photo too. Love the shadow, and the tongue sticking out makes me cringe a little thinking about the possibility of him biting it.

Wow, that is actually a really great photo. I love the shadow of the on-looker and the car parked in the background. The framing and action would suggest that the image is not "composed", yet it is greater than sum of the parts.

This is a nice community.

Oh, that shadow is perfect...makes the shot.

Delightful. A good catch of the subject

If it would stop snowing for awhile up here in the northwoods (a snow day for the schools here - in MAY!?!) I'll get out with that Mentor 5x7 and be able to show off some more of this community's radical generosity. It's been a long winter; I'm ready to shoot some landscapes.

I chuckled when I saw the "sprocket holes" at the bottom of the frame. "they're already teaching him the discipline of shooting full frame and even having him use a filed out negative carr- wait a minute! He's using a K5. O silly me."

[I did the same thing. Sigh.

It's like when I hear a sound in a recorded song that sounds like a ringing telephone used to...so I turn the music down to listen to see if it is the phone...takes me a minute to remember that that's not what a phone sounds like any more. --Mike]

Everyone knows that all skateboarding pictures MUST be taken with a fish-eye lens from a position just underneath the subject as they "catch air". This is one of the unbreakable rules.

Nate's definitely got an eye for a great image.
I love the shadow which looks like Mom keeping an eye on her little skateboarder.
And B&W! good choice!
I'd have been proud to have taken that and my hats off to TOP and your anonymous reader for making it possible.

This must be a set up shot. How else can you explain the contrail coming out of the skateboarder's bum. Nice!

I like the tie-in to the recent post about unintended backgrounds/things protruding from headds, etc. It looks like a jet propelled (contrail out the butt) skateboarder.

I do like the photo.


I like the photo -- I really do! For the shadow, among other things. But it's also a good example of the unintended juxtaposition, for that contrail in the sky unfortunately makes the skateboarder look -- uh -- jet-propelled, and provides an element of humor I'm sure the photographer did not intend.

Great shot!

I'm sure that Nate's generous benefactor is happy her gift is being put to good use.

I'm equally sure this won't be the last time we'll be hearing of gifted Nate in TOP.

I went to click "like" under the photo in the fraction of a moment before I remembered what site I was on.

I too wish to salute the anonymous donor. The kid has talent, you nurtured it. Winning. I am a beneficiary of this kids work, so I must thank you personally... the photo is a good one.

Wonderful story and a very cool shot of a person with a contrail coming out their butt.

Seriously, the interknot has it's power..so cool.

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