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Friday, 24 May 2013


Perhaps it's a Fuji......
Fuji already makes Hasselblad.
Seriously though I would hope it is an Autofocus Leica, with M-lens adaptability.
I have owned an M3 SS with a 50mm f/2 collapseable Sumicron & 90mm Elmarit for 35 years and have never been fast at focusing.
And Frankly paying 10k for a 240 kit only to zone focus makes even less sense to me.
A modern Camera needs autofocus.
Leica quality and a couple of AF primes would be wonderful to contemplate.
The S-system was a complete departure for Leica and they made a fantastic camera, I'm sure they could figure out AF while not alienating the classic M fans

PS, does anyone remember the camera that brought AF to manual focus lenses by moving the film plane? Was it a Contax?

PS, hold your fire...
I was not suggesting a change to the Leica M....just the new one with an APS -C or H sensor.

THAT is hilarious, Mike! I would never put Harley Davidson and Elton John together in my mind. The Rolling Stones? Sure! ZZ Top? Perfect! Elton John? No way. Whoever put that one together really doesn't understand what the Harley Davidson brand means.

Could this be a small and relatively inexpensive Leica for the masses? Hmmmm.

Elton John at the Harley celebration and not the Stones? Delicious irony....

I can't be the only one thinking: it will cost . . . ONE MILLION DOLLARS! [evil laugh! evil laugh! evil laugh!]

So, you're saying that Elton John wasn't manly enough for the Harley dudes, but that Mic Jagger would have been?

Huh. Go figger.

Those who walked out on an Elton John concert don't know what they missed. He's an amazingly talented performer.

Love mini-me.



Take one M series camera (lets say a 240 or an E). Remove unneeded, out of date, hard to produce and even harder to calibrate optics (the rangefinder). Ad swivel tilt display and EVF port. Sell for 4000 dollars....some speculation of course but there is some logic to it, isn't there. So much in fact that this could be the cash cow those perky Germans needed.

Greets, Ed.

Yeah, but many Harley riders will agree that Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting

This teaser campaign is working pretty well, since you too posted on a undisclosed camera that cannot be that big a deal. Ah, correction, you didn't post on the undisclosed camera, you posted on how you are ambivalent about teaser campaigns.

Harley's 110th anniversary this year has a favorite of mine, Dierks Bentley which suggests HD understands the customer better over the last ten years. Also Toby Keith, Kid Rock, and Aerosmith.

And to avoid any problems with expectations, we all know this line up well before summer even begins. When does summer begin there again?

Is this a rebranding too? Is Leica going to continue to refer to the X2 as the micro M and the DLux range as the nano M. Or is it just an analogy with passing similarity to Apple naming (mini, nano)?

More speculation


My guess it's one the Leica equivalent of the Sony RX1 i.e. fixed 35mm(?) f/2(?) lens, full frame CMOSIS sensor from the Leica M, with a viewfinder (optical/EVF hybrid?). Something between an X2 and an M.

The pricing for both is about right ("The price point of the Mini M will be placed between the M-E ($5,450) and the X2 ($2,000) - maybe around $3,000-$4,000.")

The other idea that comes to mind is the Leica equivalent to the Fuji X-E1 i.e. a top end camera M with the EVF but without the OVF and rangefinder using the same CMOSIS sensor as the M240 though that would kill the Leica ME as a product (with the older Kodak sensor). I'm not sure Leica would do that as the Leica ME is money for old rope (repurposing an older design at a lower price point).

I think the "fixed zoom X2 APS-C" that the Leica Rumors person goes for is unlikely. For any decent sort of lens the lens it would be too big.

Interesting to recall that Jonathan Ive was doing a "one off" design for Leica. Nothing to do with the mini?

Finally, is this a rebranding too?

Is Leica going to continue to refer to the X2 as the micro M and the DLux range as the nano M in the future. Or is it just an marketing analogy with passing similarity to Apple naming (mini, nano) that they will forget about after the introduction.

"Will Leica return to primarily making gear for “normal” photographers or will you cater even more to the tastes of “oligarchs, gas barons, nabobs and nouveau-riche chinese”?

Reply: "...Most of our visitors are ordinary people who can afford Leica products or who want to have them."

Wonder which camp the VAST majority of "ordinary people" fall into when it comes to the two very distinct and alternate scenarios posed above? Conflicting scenarios oh so cleverly and seamlessly homogenized into one supposedly common utopia.

Dear Mike,

Love to pick them nits...

Liberace **was** gay (yes, really. not merely "flamboyant"). So Elton John would not be a gay version of Liberace.

pax / pickypicky Ctein

At least the Leica teaser campaign produced one of the linguistically funniest exchanges I've read on a photography-related forum for some time.

In the current Mini-M related leicarumors thread, one "Monochrom"-addled contributor saw nothing to posting his Deep Thoughts straight in Leica-Sprache, i.e., auf Deutsch.

This in turn prodded the aptly nicknamed contributor "Lollus" into calling him gently to order:

Mia, chie parlemmu tütti angleise. Ün pitin de considerasiun...

In case you're wondering, that's "zeneize", Genoese, a dialect of the Ligurian language (considered by many linguists as a Romance language distinct from Italian). The meaning, obviously:

"My, we're all talking English here. Show some respect…"

It can't be an interchangeable lens full frame camera. That would compete too much with the M. It also can't be a fixed lens APS-C camera, as that wouldn't be a Mini compared to the X2's Micro.

That leaves two possibilities:
1) Interchangeable lens APS-C
2) Fixed lens full frame

I'm hoping for interchangeable lens APS-C with a new line of autofocus lenses, but I don't know if it makes sense for Leica to have three lines of lenses to develop and manufacture.

Yes, RX1 style with same or similar full frame sensor, similar size, but with M mount and port for the Leica/Olympus EVF. Priced around USD3k. I would buy one.
Add couple of small AF M lenses just for this. A 2/50 would be nice.
If it comes with APS sensor, then it is not for me, not with Leica lenses. My lens setup is for full frame field of view and does not work for me with crop sensors. That is why I did not buy the GXR M module even though I have M lenses and a GXR body.

Look the lads and lasses at CMOSIS may from the Low Countries (Belgium) but they sure now how to send a nice fat development bill to Wetzlar (not via the Deutsche post but that's an other story). Now after the development that bill is split over the sensors bought aka the more ordered and sold (it's build in the Schweiz btw), the lower the cost per unit drops, aka the more the profit of the Wetzlar lads and lasses rises. Now when you look to Sweden (and through the burning fires of the outskirts of Stockholm) you see a crazy company leading the way with a re-branded and re-packaged Sony NEX-7, right (if some at this point need to use sanitary arrangements and part with their lunch, i'm sorry). Now the Leica lads are thinking (and their lasses to). And some brought a camera bought secondhand from a new M240 owner. It was a strange square looking device with a stick on EVF and a display...it was small and light....oh cool. It said Sony RX-1 on the box. And an idea was forged....right. Now wether or not Leica makes a rebranded RX1 or developed a new M Mini from parts of the M240 (also logical) I still don't know. But the Elton John story is also a clue right. Oh, dear oh dear....please don't let it be a rebranded RX-1. That would ruïn my confidence in German manufacturing to the part that I would buy an Italian car. Ah but I was planning on buying that allready....

Greets, Ed.

Will it provide a R solution? It would be great if it does. The M does but the wait is toooooo long. Waiting anxiously for June 11......

Ummm, a bunch of big fat guys dressed up in leather, sounds pretty gay to me ;)

I can't see them making a cheaper full frame camera accepting M-Mount lenses, as too many would gladly buy them. Must keep the rangefinder mystique going and prices high. An APS-C body that accepted M-Mount lenses with a simple adapter, but also had a few native lenses? That I could see, for close to $5000. Still profitable, still driving lens sales, but clearly a cheaper, less-desirable product. A Cayman, not a 911. Oh, right, the Cayman is very good. Still, for Porsche purists a 911 is special and worth tens of thousands more.

Whilst I do not believe it is autofocus M but given that you can control the focus using the split viewfinder i.e. there is a mechanical link there is that possible? I suspect it is. If it joins with Nikon 1 (the fastest mirrorless focus machine), it is doable autofocus with M lens.

Plus M has now sensor based (live-view) CMOS sensor. It is possible to do a fuji optical-cum-sensor based viewfinder, it is another doable with flexible viewer in both M and Mirrorless trouble (M&M). In the Mirrorless mode, let us have those live view manual focus feature or you have to as good as Nikon 1 LCD.

Do not mind it is 1.3.

My suggestion is a $3000 1.3x M&M with autofocus.

Or just a better Nikon 1 (1 inch size) sensor size based camera. (Sorry wrong channel, it should address to Nikon not Leica.)

But it is a Leica and I really do not need another line in my camera system. Thanks you very much.

It'll be a Panasonic GH3 with a $1000 red sticker on it.

I'd love to see an APS (C or H) body with a fully coupled rangefinder for under $3,000. The digital equivalent of a Leica CL perhaps...

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