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Wednesday, 15 May 2013


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Oy vey!

I never saw this post and it is "Viral" worthy and I enjoyed reading it. I think however it is important to note that in any medium anyone should be open to criticism regardless of who they are. To many times new work is accepted based solely on name rather then the work itself. Art dealers seem to deal more in names then the actual art that is being sold. Most of the comments are humorous because of the ignorance to the artist name and the era they were taken in, but just because a photograph gains in value (priceless IMHO) because of its age does't mean the photographer didn't make a mistake, even if it could be attributed to a 1940's auto focus error. LOL

I remember those. If you click on the "translate it into English" button on Ronen's site, Google will show you that the assertive, confident, and ignorant tone of forum voice comes through perfectly even after going through the retranslate cycle.


I laughed then. And I laughed now.

The genius in the post is that your satire accurately pokes at the inanity of the modern tendency to equate opinions and expertise; a tendency that has not reduced in the last seven years.

I forgot - mazel tov.

That post was (and is) hilarious, Mike, but it also makes me feel a teeny bit uncomfortable because I can see myself making comments not unlike some of the ones you wrote. It also reminds me of why I have been reading your blog for so long. I started with "The Sunday Morning Photographer" on photo.net. I was saddened when the column ended, and found you here.

Sad to say, but all that helpful advice is now redundant as Google+ will now pick your "best" shots for you and automatically "enhance" them as it thinks necessary. No need for any human intervention.


I still link to that post whenever I want to give an example of why you should never listen to experts on the internet...

A true classic of all time.

It's just as funny reading from right to left.

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