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Thursday, 18 April 2013


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Dear Mike,

The scarecrow makes me laugh. Art that makes me laugh is worth a whole lot more to me than, well... a lot of things!

I think it's gonna be a big winner.

pax / Ctein

Sign me up for the scarecrow, I haven't even seen the image but I know I want it.

So now we get to see you critiqued along with other great photographers on the internet.

I hope there's a chance that the niagara falls photograph will be offered as a digital print now that I've missed the chance for a dye transfer - it's stunning, and given that my gf is canadian, I even have a somewhat reasonable argument for getting it...

Shouldn't that be "Ctein-y Update"?

Dear G.,

I've never tried printing that negative digitally, but it's a photograph that *should* print well that way.

I was going to go into detail why that's the case in this comment, but then I realized there's my topic for next week's column [lazy smile].

Anyway, yes, some negatives lend themselves to digital printing and some don't, and this is one that should. But the proof will be in the printing.

Keep your fingers crossed.

pax \ Ctein
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