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Sunday, 28 April 2013


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Ha! I bought a vacuum myself yesterday, Mike - also locally. I recently purchased a Kemore Intuition upright. It's a fine machine; highly effective on both floors and rugs and it's one of the few vacuums I have used that has impressive suction through its various tool attachments.

But it's a big, heavy machine that isn't great for navigating into tight areas. So, after reading some reviews online, I ran down to my local big-box store and picked up a Shark Navigator Freestyle for $79. It has a 10-inch cleaning path and it's cordless, so it's great at attacking tight spaces. Plus, it's suprisingly good at carpets, flooors and even pet hair. If it breaks earlier than it should, I promise I'll buy a lightweight Dyson via your Amazon link.

But what I did, in fact, buy through your Amazon link this morning was an Olympus E-P3 with lens for $379. If one is not going to consistently shoot at ISOs higher than 1600, there is no reason not to buy this camera at this price.

I have other micro four-thirds cameras. I even have an Olympus E-PM2, which is a perfect point and shoot with additional controls when one really needs them. And it features the new Sony 16mp sensor which excels at higher ISO work.

But I have always loved the colors and rendering that Olympus achieved with the original, 12mp Panasonic micro four-thirds sensor and also the feel and handling of the E-P3. Then, I look at the results that Ctein has been getting with his E-P1, and I realize if I can't get the results I want with this camera, I problem isn't the tool that I'm using.

For $20 more, I could have purchased the all-floors Dyson upright vacuum. But I think this turn of events works out much better, don't you?

Final proof that cameras are now just another consumer fashion product.

As a single Dad, vacuum cleaners ('Hoovers' colloquially here in the UK) featured unusually prominently in my daily life. A disheartened owner of two Dysons I concluded they were a triumph of style over function, particularly when any kind of routine repair was needed - they were unnecessarily complicated to fix, sometimes uneconomically so. I believe they deserve a prestigious spot in the Design Museum but no space in my under stairs cupboard. YMMV

>Amazon is having a Dyson sale from now until Mother's Day

Giving mother a vacuum cleaner for Mother's day? Really Amazon? You think that's a good idea?

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