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Friday, 26 April 2013


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So is each judge issued a Leica M to keep in chambers? Just for comparison purposes, of course . . .

Further proof that I went into the wrong line of work!

"Such cameras shall produce no greater sound than a 35mm Leica "M" Series rangefinder camera."

So, would I be booted for showing up with an M and Visoflex? ;o)

Good thing the Vermont legislature and judiciary don't follow the Leica forum discussions, which often debate shutter sound comparisons between film M's (by model), an M8, an M8.2 (with upgraded M8 shutter), an M9, or the new M (240). And with digital M's, it's not the just the shutter release sound; rather it's the sound of the re-cock motor that disturbs.

So if I took an Olympus Pen, with its conspicuous 'Tchack!' shutter sound, to a Vermont court, would I get arrested for contempt of court?
And are there officers metering the volume of the cameras' shutter sound at the entrance of the court?
Do Vermont judges all have Leica Ms, in order to compare shutter sound? And what about the digital Ms?
America's judicial system is strange...

Forced to buy Leicas? Sorry that just sounds too whiney. Back then Leicas were not terribly expensive and if you didn't want to get involved, just give it up.
I recall a day or two spent photographing the California State Senate with probably two Leicas and maybe exactly four lenses.
The press guys were all offended that I got to walk the whole floor and they were kept behind the railings.
But for for crying out loud, if you looked how they were dressed and how they worked (in your face) compared with my deference, they should have been able to figure it out.
The Leicas were only part of it, but I feel I did not interfere, and they would have.
I would have welcomed the excuse to buy Leicas almost as much as I welcomed the excuse to use the ones I had owned for many years.
And I still have them, and though I am too cheap to buy a digital M body, I do love using the lenses on my NEX. It's a slow combination, but I work slowly so it suits me.

Soon to be replaced by the shutter leaf sound, or near lack thereof acoustically, produced by a Fuji X100/100s. Fuji being the new Leica. ;-)

2 lens? Why?

I knew my Nikon V1 was a good purchase. With the electronic shutter selected it is quieter than a Leica and should be welcome in courtrooms. The lower cameras in the Nikon 1 line rely entirely on the global shutter, though the V1 is also fitted with a mechanical shutter, which I prefer for the sound. The only advantage of the mechanical shutter is a higher flash sync speed. The global shutter allows for faster bursts. Image quality is the same either way.

My Nikon FM was the best for the judge to hear....but heaven help you if you left the winder on any of the Nikons...remo packs to high speed motordrives. It was really what mood/which one the judge was.

Inductive proof:
According to county's regulation. You can't drive over 30 miles per hour in Beverly Hills using a vehicle louder than a Porsche Carrera. So, people to buy Porsches in Beverly Hills.


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