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Saturday, 27 April 2013


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I agree with what you say about the set being more meaningful than the individual images, but - unusually, I would say, for this type of work - many of these photographs stand up very well as single images.

It's a style of photography I wish I had an eye for myself, but don't.

Yeps, great work.....

Greets, Ed.

You're speakin' Strine now, Mike?


[We say it because you say it. --Mike

P.S. I like Baltimore street slang for "strewth..." "true dat." (Courtesy of "The Wire.")]

I mirror your thoughts completely.

I find considerable joy in my daily visits (just before or after visiting TOP) to Lenscratch http://www.lenscratch.com/ curated by Aline Smithson. She is very much in touch with contemporary photographers and their projects.

@ Mike: "I hate doing it but I like having it done"

My feeling exactly.

- Roger, reluctant house, er, maid and washing up prevaricator extraordinaire.

Rusty - thank you so much for "lenscratch". I was trying to go back to sleep with the trusty IPad, and you made me discover Miro Svolik. The joy of the participants in his "above" pictures, the wry humor, the ingenious ideas, the overall concept ...... Wow I'm now fully awake, smiling and chuckling, and the better for it. Mike may I nominate Miro Svolik for consistent excellence? Please have a look. http://www.lenscratch.com/

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