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Friday, 26 April 2013


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My copy arrived already.

Mike, do you know anything about the new Tom Waits & Anton Corbijn book?

[I don't, no. —Mike]

Just ordered it. Thanks, Mike!

I think I'll hold off on the audiobook edition, though...

Just bought two via The Book Depository. Have avoided Amazon UK since it became clear that its highly "tax efficient" structure means that it pays minimal tax on UK sales. The Book Depository's "about" button shows you why they're worth supporting.

I ordered it from the Museum as soon as I saw your post about. Great print quality and I love how the book is organized, from early practitioners to more recent photographers. I also love seeing the color work from photographers who we're used to seeing in black and white.

Thanks for the recommendation!

Any opinions on whether the book lives up to the show yet?

I am broke and would love to have it to go with Ansel Adams in Color. I am looking forward to your review of the book.

I cannot make it to the show itself, but I did order a copy of the book last night. I will be looking forward to seeing it.

Already got mine, and I live in Rio de Janeiro... I am love what I have seen
so far.

I ordered it the second I saw it, two days ago.

The UK link has just gone up from £25 to £34 !!! Rats too slow...

[That's still a heck of a lot cheaper than you'll be able to find it for in a couple of years. Or a couple of months. --Mike]

I read your post, ordered it, it came yesterday, I looked at it, tomorrow it goes back to Amazon.

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