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Friday, 19 April 2013


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I'd love to see photos of Boston's deserted streets taken by TOP readers. I only ever see this in post-apocalyptic movies. Deserted urban streets used to happen where I come from (Manila) during Good Friday. But not anymore.

An old friend from 40 years past told me she was photographing the the finish line and decided to take a short walk down the road. That's when the bombs went off. Sometimes you count your blessings.

Congratulations to all for the successful outcome of Boston's unprecedented lock down.

"Boston Strong"? There's nothing strong about Boston. The citizens of Boston/ Watertown have been essentially disarmed by the state of Massachusetts and are left to cower in their homes.

If this terrorist at large showed up at my door it wouldn't be "a tale of understanding and sympathy" but a 45 ACP right between the eyes. It's called the Second Ammendment.

[I'm glad that makes you feel powerful, but the reality is that you're statistically more likely to shoot the wrong person and become a murderer yourself, whether or not you could be arrested for it. Here in Wisconsin we had a case where the police raided an underage drinking party and a young black boy ran away when the police got there (as did all the other kids). He hid on the porch of a neighboring house and the homeowner shot him dead. Google "Bo Morrison" for more. --Mike]

Got them!

Their background leads to many thoughts ...

The shirt doesn't ship outside North America. Pity.

An airsoft rifle is not a firearm. The guy should have been checked out and let go after the cops found out what it was.

[According to the best information I can find, he was given a ticket for Disorderly Conduct, which the police pass out relatively freely in these parts. The fine was $310, which was paid by students as a means of forgiving the inadvertent perpetrator, who is a former U.S. Marine now down on his luck.

Accounts vary as to whether it was an "Airsoft gun" or a "pellet gun"--unless those are more or less the same thing, I don't know. In any event, it looked like a gun. --Mike]

Good thing David wasn't caught up in the wide-open-lens craze, or we'd be looking for a guy named Bokeh.


As a resident of MA who works in Boston, please allow me a moment in this public forum to thank everyone who's helped the victims and/or protected the rest of us from harm. I am grateful to be safe.

As for the "now, you like us..." folks, remember we can't have it both ways either. Police officers, like the rest of us, aren't perfect. The balance between our rights and our safety is a delicate one. If they're going to get it wrong, I'd rather they err on the side of public safety.

Player, many thousands of people (including myself) worked in Boston in the days after the bombing. Nobody "cowered". The state asked people to stay out of the area in an effort to facilitate the manhunt on Friday. It was easier for the police to conduct the search for this murderer if the streets were empty and people were home to open their doors for inspection.

Your claim that there's nothing strong about Boston is a slap in the face to many fine people. I'm personally insulted. Consider yourself lucky that the First Amendment gives you the right to express your self-centered, ill-informed opinion in a public forum.

[I'm not going to allow any further comments in this particular vein, although people are welcome to continue commenting on the post. It's already gone a bit too far, but then the alternative is censorship. This issue is not about gun control and this is a time when we should be supporting our fellow citizens in Boston, not criticizing them.

Look at it this way: say what else you will, the authorities there identified and stopped the bombers very quickly, neutralizing any further threat quite effectively. That's lots better than a few days ago when the bombers were still a mystery and the potential threat was still open-ended. --Mike the Mod., whose mother and stepfather live in Cambridge and were under the "shelter in place" orders from the Boston police.]

The USA Today web site has a series of photos of deserted streets in Boston yesterday. http://www.cnn.com/2013/04/19/us/gallery/boston-ghost-town/index.html?iid=article_sidebar

I spent the day indoors doing work but it was eerie not to see and hear traffic and other activity all day. Things seem to be returning to normal now.

I should have prefaced my comment with a heartfelt congratulations for to all the federal, state and local law enforcement agencies who worked extra hard to solve this crime. Additionally, I would be remiss if I did not mention that my heart goes out to the families of the slain and injured citizens as well as the murdered and wounded police officers. My neglect and my apology for not doing so. Indeed, it was my intention but I hit the send button without reviewing my remarks.

Possibly I'm being too cynical, but I suspect police will resume viewing photographers as probable terrorist/pedophile/voyeurs within a matter of days and the harassment will continue.

Peter- You're not being cynical at all, this hypocritical state of affairs must end- right now! We must all commit to ending undue harassment and prohibition of photographers in public places. They cannot record us 24/7 in public and then prohibit us from taking photographs in public venues. We must be vigilant in reminding them that they cannot continue intimidating us only to then plead for our cooperation whenever it suits them.


I'm wondering whether the proportion of cellphone photos was preponderant among the manhunt photos sent in to the FBI.

Crowd-sourced "Little Brother" capture is preferable to Big Brother surveillance.

@Mark Roberts

Nice street and architecture shots. Not at all eerie to me. Thanks for the link.

An interview with the photographer:

Is there anyway you can verify this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7-fDFZF9h8Y&feature=youtu.be

It reports that the above image removed the backpack via photoshop.

@ Adam Lozo: Don't feed the conspiracy theory trolls.

See also http://xkcd.com/331/

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