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Tuesday, 26 March 2013


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I'm with Frank, waiting anxiously for my X100s to show up, acquiring accessories. Yes, if the X100s is as good as I expect, I'll be selling a camera - a Sony RX100.

LOL: "...anxiously awaiting the arrival of his SPANKING new-in-the-box X100S..."

When I quickly read this and then glanced at the picture, I thought the black loop with golden tassel was a modified belt strap for some sort of BDSM play, and I couldn't figure out what joke you were making...

[Don't ask why...I do not practice BDSM and don't know anyone who does (not that there is anything wrong with it), it was just the proximity of the word and the image, viewed quickly, that made me think they were connected.]

Mike, maybe you should consider the Sony A99 with its greatly improved 24MP FF sensor, IBIS and a host of other goodies. Best of both worlds, one might say. You don't really use those extra 12MP in the D800, do you? (Please don't ban me from the forum for planting this idea in your mind.)

Considering the storm of complaints that the Coolpix A was 'overpriced', I wonder how well this 100S fares in the internet judgement arena? Personally, I suspect that between the shrinking size (smaller is more expensive) and lower volumes due to niche, I think the various APS size (approximate) options are probably priced reasonably as regards actual manufacturing cost when one factors in the need for margins.


I didn't consider the X100S as I like flippy screens, but then you do get a whole camera for not much more than the Sony Zeiss 24mm...

Looks like some sort of photo B&D gear...

"The only difference between men and little boys is the price of their toys." I don't know who first put that thought to paper but I do think it truly applies to photographers in the digital age.

Don't mind Frank. He changes cameras as often as I change...oh wait, I don't change anything as often as Frank changes cameras.

"at the link, note the "usually ships" line"

Maybe that's why a used one is $1399 and refurbished is $1800.

All I can say is WOW!

I checked my open orders at Amazon and it said that my X100S is supposed to ship tomorrow... 8^)

I spot one of Gordy Coale's wrist straps. (Sorry to disappoint people!).

"Fifty Shades of Gray?" Is that the new Ansel Adams biopic?

Just write those conclusions, for God's sake ! :-)

It certainly has me thinking about an upgrade.

I want a Rollei 35SE with a FF Digital Sensor...

Never understood the rational of taking a svelte little camera and accessorizing into a monstrosity, festooned with grips, over sized vented hoods, etc. I'd always thought that part of the sales appeal would be the small size and light weight. After all, a well placed hand can shade a lens in many situations. Another advantage of the hand is that it won't fall off or get bumped off quietly someplace and there goes $40.

"Chad Thompson: "Wait, Frank bought a new camera? And it doesn't shoot film? How many horsemen are there?"

Mike replies: Four. There are four horsemen."

And naturally, they shoot LF.


Minor nerdy correction: the XapShot was analog, not digital. It recorded an analog video image (like a still frame of video) to floppy disk media. Strange but true!

Mike replies: Four. There are four horsemen.

More Mike a lot more:





See......lot's of little Horsemen......:-)

Greets, Ed

Mike replies: It is the closest thing, isn't it? The viewfinder makes it so.

Maybe, maybe not, Fuji's are somewhat contemplative about their autofocus I remember and as I recall as well from other fori of the Leiconian variety, no hyperfocal mode...and no DOF scale.

So you may see Emma Watson do some bestseller related naughty stuf (now knowing mrs. Watson's previous job description I hope I don't look like a toad, oops I already looked like a toad) in the viewfinder but if she's quick on her heels, she'll be over the horizon when a click indicates life and the ghost of HCB laughs at your sorry attempt.

Greets, Ed.

Dammit. I just reserved a rental X100S - I need to see what all the fuss is about.

I hope I hate it.

You won't sell the D800 because, let's face it, the tonality and detail of the images is incredibly smooth and when they're uploaded on a computer you can do all sorts of adjustments without breaking them and they look like medium format.

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