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Wednesday, 06 March 2013


Killer movie.

It looks as though 100% of the Amazon reviews are five-star, which sounds great but there is only one so far!

The link to a 'short', related to Mr.Hetheringtons time in Liberia, here may be interesting for some too . . .


Not that it makes him any less touchstone, but Restrepo didn't win an Oscar. It was nominated but did not win (Inside Job did).


[Whoops. Fixed. And thanks. --Mike]

I don't know why, but when I look at that cover, all I can think about is why his nose isn't in focus. I know the eyes are the most important, but it's a bit distracting.

Interested in reading the book though!

Lest we judge a man by a jacket cover, although Tim's loving soul is clearly visible through those eyes, a few snippets from his engaging yet tragic life:





His hope being that by bringing the horror to he front our hearts be moved to end this 'dog-mind' of inhumanity

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