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Monday, 25 March 2013


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I always love your doggie shots and the commentary you give. Wonderful stuff Mike!


You really need a winter retreat in sunnier, warmer climes (see Michael Reichmann at Luminous Landscape he's in Mexico during the winter hibernation period). You could test equipment without thick winter gloves!

Joe in (sunny,warm) California

I'm interested to hear your evaluation of the body. I'm tempted to buy a NEX 6 body to use with my M-mount lenses, as a sibling to the Ricoh GXR. The two bodies have somewhat different strengths, I suspect.

With a bit more light and a taller framing (to include the painting) you could have had a real classic with that portrait of Diesel!

What does your son describe your job as exactly?

[Can't say offhand, although he's well aware of what I do for a living. I call myself a "writer/website owner" when asked to fill in the blank on forms and so forth. --Mike]

The more camera reviews I see recently the more it's becoming clear that you'd be hard pressed to make the wrong decision. As long as you find something that feels comfortable in the hands and operates in a way that you like, the end result is likely going to be pretty darn good.

Wow..that picture of Diesel is a freakin' masterpiece..no smoke up the bung!

The other one's cool too in the way that lens is rendering but the Diesel is killer


Another great post, Mike. The portraits, and especially the two portraits of your son, are very nice. The NEX-6 draws black and whites quite well.

Looking at the lens "tests", I think the Fujinon XF 35/1.4 wide open is sharper than the Zeiss at the corners. Guess I'll have to do some zipper tests to find out.

Most cameras would look pretty good with a $1100 zeiss lens.

That's really a great shot of Diesel. PS out the dog tags and you've got a classic portrait, very Vermeer.


Any comments about the NEX-6 "ready-to-shoot" time when turned on from a cold start or standby? I have heard it can be as long as 6 sec which seems long.
Feel free to ignore and/or delete this question if you are planning to cover in your conclusions.


[This is one problem with renting-to-review--by the time the questions come in, the camera is gone again.

I did notice the slow wake-up time on one or two occasions, but I can't say I paid any attention to turn-on time. --Mike]

Love the photo of your son.

I recall another photo you posted with him and a pit bull sort of dog with discussion of cropping and tonality, which I enjoyed - Being an avid pit bull aficionado.

And somehow DPReview has a review coinciding with yours: http://www.dpreview.com/reviews/sony-alpha-nex-6

Conspiracy theories anyone? :-)

I much prefer the view of your son and LuLu!
And young son now has another girl
So where are his wonderful wheels these days?

It may have been mentioned before, during the series of posts but Thom Hogan's review of the NEX-6 is up, over at sansmirror.


Looking through the last 6 or so years of my photography, it's about...oh, 95%, 99% my kids and dog. And that's about right, as hey - taking pics of your kids wrestling before bedtime requires 1.4 lenses and clean high ISO's! I was a little bummed that I hadn't done any real 'work' for so long, until scanning through my flickr feed quickly - I've got a record of my amazing kids. Good enough.

@ John Abee: "...why did you choose to evaluate the NEX-6 instead of the NEX-7?"

That question also crossed my mind, John. After all, renting a 7 must not be that much more expensive than a 6, eh?

But I think Mike was smart to choose the 6. It's arguably the price/performance/features sweet-spot in Sony's NEX lineup today and is attracting strong interest. I've never tried one myself but I would certainly be very attracted to the 6 if I was starting from scratch today.

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