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Saturday, 30 March 2013


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Happy Easter, Mike and everyone @ TOP!

Dear Mike,

S'okay. We know you have to go to church.


pax / Ctein

Yes, I do celebrate Easter, and hope you have, and everyone else has, a joyous day.

I miss TOP when you don't post, but I fully understand and support your taking the day off.

mike thank for those wishes and for giving us the best everyday "entertainment".
thank you very much.
ranjit grover

Happy Easter!

*gasp* You're "taking a day off?" Like, from what? Work? ;)

[You scoff, but it's actually quite a lot of work to maintain this site and all that goes into it, and I do need a break from time to time. --Mike]

Mike, I know this is a little off topic, but part of my Easter was spent on the phone with Nikon. The little green light on the back of my d800 continued to blink after the power was shut down. I updated the firmware as directed, but that did not solve the problem, so it is being sent to Nikon service today. Just a heads up o you and any other d800 users out there.

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