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Tuesday, 19 February 2013


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Huzzah! A print offer for me!

And it fits the TOP aesthetic: a non-limited, non-vintage print.


Count me i!, that's a great image!!!

I have not yet participated in a TOP print sale, but you may have me on this one.

Hi from New Zealand, Mike et al. My favourite blog.

How big will the print be? (we're metric here but I'm sure I can do a conversion on my cellphone!) - and how much to post etc. to NZ?

Regards - John

This is the "Sun Shade" picture right? I'm in ;)

You mean "hot photog-on-photog action", right?

Great idea. The best display position among my prints goes to your "Migrant Mother" digital print from an LOC scan, done back in the earliest days of TOP print sales. It's a better print of that image than any other I have seen since. Are you aiming for roughly 8x10" again?


That b&w shot reminded me of another post-WW2 photo taken by Robert Capa in the Soviet Union and published in Steinbeck's Russian Journal:


It may not quite have the same qualities as Nash's 1946 Warsaw image (specifically, the bittersweet, tragicomic juxtaposition of the kitchy-idillyc background and the ruined buildings), but it strikes me as the latter's twin brother nevertheless.

Speaking of Capa and of the post-war generation's - deeply human and very natural - desire to at least temporarily exclude the grim realities of their war-torn environment from their lives, here is another Robert Capa photograph he took during his 1948 visit to his native Budapest:


I love metaphotos. I'm in.

Please put me on the list for the Warsaw photo. We have good friends who immigrated from Warsaw in the early 1950's: our friends at ages 10 and 12. Their mother and aunt are still living here in Chicago. I will let the kids decide if they want to give a copy to the old timers; the mother does not like to talk of the war and the aunt has the sensible attitude the "Nazi, Communist same same". (sounds better in a Polish accent.)

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