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Sunday, 24 February 2013


Bill Mitchell asked ...
Did your forget the 507? Quite possibly the world's most beautiful production car?
I admit that I did. In fact I had to look it up online to remind myself what they looked like. It was a handsome car but not beautiful (in the eyes of this beholder) and certainly no match for its contemporaries from AC and Jaguar.

I noted above the M1's small production numbers (456 total) and I note now that even smaller (252) numbers of the 507 were built (Wikipedia). I guess the motoring public was not ready to pay up for such a handsome car.

Thanks for reminding me about this interesting car.

Just traded my dream car - 2004 BMW M3 6 speed shift convertible - for a Honda Pilot.

Somewhat more "off topic" perhaps, but the comments reminded me of perhaps the all-time best car magazine article.....
During the 60s, David E. Davis at Car and Driver created a magazine that thrived on controversy. Besides promoting the 2002, he started a Dan Gurney for President campaign in 1964 and that year ran the most controversial comparison test of all times, a Pontiac GTO vs a Ferrari GTO. The Pontiac was a "ringer" supplied by the insiders at GM and, well, the article created mayhem in the auto world. You can read DED's account of it from 2010 C&D here:
and a more complete version by Don Sherman, another culprit, here: http://www.caranddriver.com/reviews/gto-vs-gto-road-test

I still strongly resist the idea of ever buying a Porsche. They just don't interest me

English comedian Rowan Atkinson once stated that the reason he could never buy a Porsche was because of the people who buy Porsches.

[And of course, being a lapsarian car nut, what have I been doing ever since I said I'm not interested in Porsches? Getting interested in Porsches...(can't afford any though). --Mike]

Readers may enjoy this piece from Core77.


Today, [BMW] (and its colors) have expanded enormously without compromising its signature design elements, such as the iconic round headlights and kidney-shaped air intakes. We were lucky to have Antonia guide us, being a great BMW fan. We enjoyed it when she told us how the new BMW7 tail lights makes her heart beat faster.

In my 40 years of owning generally boring cars my only regret was not buying the '75 Alfa GTV sitting on the lot while my '71 Saab 99 was in the shop, I got to look at it often.
$5,500. on the sticker...

Yes, the 2002 series were beauts, but up here in Canada with its well-salted winter roads, they rapidly dissolved into heaps of iron oxide.

In 1984, I had an opportunity to buy a late-model (1975) 2002 tii. The interior was in excellent shape, and the test drive was thrilling. The engine was sweet, powerful and responsive, and the stick shift was wonderful, compared to the manual-transmission Mercury Bobcat I had been driving up to that point.

On the way back to the dealer, I stopped at a garage run by a friend. He put it up on the hoist, and poked a screwdriver into the black tar "undercoating". A stream of red rust drizzled from the hole. Also, something about one of the MacPherson strut towers possibly collapsing into the front fender on hitting the next deep pothole. "Don't buy this car," he said. I crept slowly back to the dealer and went looking for something else.

Oh well. Just born too late, and in the wrong latitude, I guess.

>>Nobody makes sports sedans and coupes like those any more—simple, Spartan, upright, lithe and light.

I can't help thinking about MINI... made by BMW!

Mike- You most assuredly should not keep on eye on bringatrailer.com. You will not find nice E30 325's and 2002/ti/tii/Turbo/touring models there on a regular basis in fantastic shape. I told you nothing.

From a few weeks ago - http://bringatrailer.com/2013/02/21/bat-exclusive-the-instructors-1973-bmw-2002tii/

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