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Thursday, 21 February 2013


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I was delighted to contribute to Harold Feinstein's book project and my faith was rewarded when I received my signed copy back in December. It is a wonderful book in all respects, more than worth it's price.

Thanks to TOP I have this book on my coffee table. I also attended the book launch and gallery opening where i met Harold Feinstein. I let him know I had your blog to thank for knowing about his work. The gallery owner and publisher of the book explained to Harold that a lot of the traffic to his kickstarter page came from TOP.

As regards the quotes on the book by Harold Feinstein, it reminds me of your penchant for neologisms. IIRC, it was Spy Magazine that coined the phrase 'logrolling' for the practice of authors trading book jacket blurbs.

My term for said practice (which I coined) is 'quid pro quote'. Pass it on! (and I'm not suggesting that Feinstein's blurb are anything of the sort but genuine endorsements, based on the photos I saw on his site).


MIke, MIke...please, look at my work? It's on Flickr, Tumblr, Myspace, Facebook and The Walmart chat forum..

Please, man, I really need a break and my street shots taken at art fairs are edgy and ripe with mimes.

(off topic..I love Feinstein's work, congrats on that)

Looks like Feinstein´s book is inevitably going to find a place in my shelf.

On the theme of Kickstarter, have you seen this inexpensive attachment that turns your iphone into an incident light meter? http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/jamesflynn/luxi-incident-light-meter-adapter-for-iphone?ref=category

I just noticed it today; really hoping it succeeds!

Harold Feinstein's photographs have had a profound affect on me and the way I look at, read and perceive photographs. His work has struck me speechless and made me realize anew the full emotional potential that can be contained in a simple black and white photograph, or a series of them.

I need to go back now and reevaluate every core belief I ever had about photography, photographs and seeing photographically.

Thanks a lot Mike! I was doing just fine until I saw this! Now that I have, I will never be the same....



I contributed to Luxi.


An iPhone as an incident light meter? What's not to like?

I'm very excited about Bill Schwab's project. He's a great photographer and a great guy, and I think this is just the sort of workshop facility that will providea a creative, nurturing environment for like-minded individuals.

It's great to see Bill's campaign reaching it's goal, he's a guy who has freely given a lot to many photographers.

Bill's passed its funding goal this morning!!

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