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Friday, 15 February 2013


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Not sure what I'm doing wrong. I get no results returned at all on any search term.

I tried a number of search terms and found absolutely nothing. Is this really a completed project?

Help me ith this a little. Whateve i think to type in I get country results that list no images found. What am I not doing right?

Random search terms indicate no images, including the term "abstraction" from her website. Is the site populated?

Dear Ken,

Despite your warning, I went and gave it a try. It kept returning me null results, even for topics as generic as "Minnesota" and "babies."

'Course, more specific searches, like "space shuttle" returned zip.

It seems to be broken.

pax / Ctein

Is this some kind of elaborate joke?

It works for me in the UK, 16th Feb 12:40 GMT(UTC.
I can select countries to search on "Atlas selection", but there are not many images shown on words like "Dartmoor" in the UK.

Unfortunately I think the system is broken, as it's not returning any results. How sad. It is a fascinating concept but apparently is in need of not-so-fascinating tech support. Sigh.

Obviously a site or technology that's "not ready for prime time..."

Same, I can't get any results on Saturday morning est. using an ipad.

The book An American Index of the Hidden and Unfamiliar is due to be republished in April, 30 2013 in hardback for $50 (used copies asking $350 right now).


Perhaps one for Mike to link to when it appears.

I presume the Image Atlas site was a prototype on a single machine for a limited amount of images to gain funding for a future scaled up, multiple servers, production version.

Don't remove the post Mike ... that featured comment by Thomas McInnis is worth preserving.

Well, has been working fine for me in Hong Kong.

Site is working from UK at 0831 GMT

Image Atlas has been returning "no images found" which is apparently what it does instead of failing to a 404 or blank screen.

It is very early in the Eastern US and is working fine. Interesting are comparisons between N. Korea and the rest of the world.

FWIW, Image Atlas seems to be working as of late Saturday night and, now, Sunday afternoon for anyone who is still interested in giving it a go.

A search for "street photography" including results from places like saudi arabia, north korea, syria etc. gives interestingly different results. It's working BTW.
Well, most interesting is the possibility to have (at all) results from those hidden cultures, including dictatorships.

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