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Monday, 21 January 2013


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And two years before the Ravens' 2000 Superbowl appearance, Jim quarterbacked the Ravens. Small world.

Can't wait for the"HarBowl," although the Kaepernick kid scares me. This might be the hardest hitting Superbowl in recent memory; bruisers everywhere.

So what's the meaning here? I know who they are and I know the story, but I'm baffled as to why you think _this_ photo has any special meaning in relation to the current brouhaha.

It would be great if they could get adult sizes of those jackets and wear them on the sidelines during the game:)

I was a JImmy Harbaugh fan when he was in Chicago. Maybe one of two or three. i felt something about him and the timing just wasn't right. Sort of a Ryne Sandberg like, quiet demeanor on him that I really liked in an age of sports flash.

This is without a doubt one of the best SB stories ever. Especially with Baltimore beating New England to get there. Man, Baltimore's defense really hits hard. Coupla pops in that game that broke my couch and upended the CREDENZA.

I feel like while the Williams sisters have achieved a lot more than the football siblings pairs, the football examples are more surprising simply because it involves so many other people.

No matter how talented the two coaches or quarterbacks are, so many other people are either needed or in the way, that it seems less likely that they'd both reach the top.

So...which side of the stadium will their sister sit on...or maybe both teams are on the same side of the field and she can have a seat that straddles the 50 yard line... regardless, it will be an interesting post-game family dinner conversation.

I think mundane family snapshots carried much more weight in the film days than they do now. It's just so much less work to do it now; therefore, it gets done all the time. I'm plenty guilty of it myself.

Last year for Christmas I helped my wife & her siblings make a family heirloom for their parents. My job was scanning/color correcting/cleaning up (mostly) 4x6" prints in order for them to be reprinted as part of a hardcover photo book that spanned basically a 30-40 year run of this family. I ended up having a ball doing it, mostly because I scanned & Photoshopped about 320 mostly mundane family photos. But I spent so much time on each one, I got to know the family better.

Point is, I like mundane snapshots. Especially when you know the history behind them.

I neglected to mention in my first comment that the "coincidence" began last year when each Harbaugh was the coach of the losing team in the conference championship game. That they both improved to advance to the big dance in one year says something about their competitiveness, or as Trent Dilfer said about John, the decision was "to get better, not bitter."

So these teams for the superbowl are from different competitions that don't usually play each other in the main season? Or did I get that wrong?

[There are two conferences, the National Football Conference and the American Football Conference. Each Conference has four Divisions. The scheduling rules are a little more involved than this, but basically each team plays only four games out of each season's 16 against teams from the other Conference. Every team plays the other three teams in its own division twice a year, but may face any given team from the other Conference only once every four years.

This year, the Baltimore Ravens are the AFC Champions, and the San Francisco 49ers are the NFC Champions. The Champions of the two Conferences meet in the Super Bowl for the overall title. I don't know when these two teams faced each other last, but they don't play each other very often. --Mike]

The Ravens played the 49ers on Thanksgiving in 2011, in a nationally televised game, with all the attendant hoopla surrounding the Harbaugh family. The Ravens won 16-6, much to the chagrin of Jim, who shows his emotions much more than brother John.

Would this photo be any less important if it were one of thousands that their parents had built-up over years of "spraying and praying?" Inquiring minds with full hard drives want to know!

Never, ever toss your negatives.

I think mundane family snapshots carried much more weight in the film days than they do now.

They do now because of the historical element. At the time they were just as mundane as current images. It's usually the fashions and the cars which make old pictures interesting.

And for many of us it is still the film days!

The older brother needs a sign "I taught you everything you know, not everything I know".

The younger brother needs a sign "I read your book"

Somebody needs to give a shout out to the cute little girl in the photo too. I assume she's their sister, and I think her smile is the highlight of the photo. Looks like a happy smile that all kids have at that age. Made me smile anyways.

The little girl is presumably Joani, the boys' sister. Joani is the wife of Tom Crean, the basketball coach at Indiana University.

It's not too surprising the pictures were kept as they've long been a remarkable family. Jim and John's father, Jack, played pro football briefly in the old AFL and had a long career as a college coach at medium-sized schools. Something in their makeup clearly pushes them to succeed, and they do, consistently. In addition to his two sons, Jack has a daughter married to Tom Crean, head basketball coach at Indiana University, currently in the top ten in the polls. Dad is retired now, but I bet he doesn't relax much.

[Coach and Mrs. Harbaugh live not far from me, very close to where I grew up. Here's an interview with Coach from the local news. --Mike]

Mike, did you say this first?
"And it goes to show, you never really know what the future is going to see in a photograph."
cuz that's good.
I hope I'm not revealing my ignorance.

[Yes, I said that. That is, I wasn't quoting anyone. I might not be the first to say something similar, I don't know. --Mike]

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