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Tuesday, 22 January 2013


Having just received my print from Carl Weese's kickstarter project, maybe i'm ready to start actually collecting photography in a format other than books. Looking forward to Sunday!


I want you to give us the story of the artist before you post for the sale. A little lead up time.

Hell of a time to be unemployed...

Well, I'll get some Lodima this spring to make my own 5x7's but it would have been nice to have the inspiration. Pass along my thanks to them though - those who will be able to will get some beautiful work and it helps you. As you said the other day, Win-Win.

Time to go burn some film :)

Would be nice to see the images as early as possible so that I and others may do some financial preparation.

Will you be showing the chosen images before the sale so we can plan a bit ahead & maybe visit our banker?

I'm really looking forward to this, Mike. 8x20, or more properly 1:2.5, is one of my favorite aspect ratios and large format film is long-held photographic dream of mine.

How nerdy is that? I have favorite aspect ratios and I dream about shooting large format film.

[Strangely, I don't think that's nerdy at all! --Mike]

Just a tiny clarification, if I may: Does "Eastern Time" refer to UTC-5 hours (GMT-5 hours in old-speak), currently not within Daylight Saving time?

Andrea from overseas in Oz.

Mike, do you (or other commenters) have an opinion on whether prints like these are likely to retain or even increase their value? I wouldn't buy with the idea of reselling but it might help me make my case for why I need to buy a print ;)

Since they are "retiring the negatives" I'm out on principal alone, Cannot stand the concept.

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