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Friday, 11 January 2013


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I took advantage of the rebates and am getting $1300.00 off my purchase of the kit, along with the 12 and 45 primes. I am a very happy woman.

Not quite a far comparison as the GX1 does not include a lens for $449 and MX-1 does.

GX1 would have been the perfect camera, if it had in-body image stabilization.

Here in the UK the cheapest price for an OM-D E-M5 body is £979 ouch!!! I could buy the Fuji X-E1 c/w the excellent 18-55 f2.8-4 lens, and several of my friends have and will be joining them shortly.

There's also a $50 rebate for the HLD-6 dual grip/battery pack. I just bought one yesterday.

$450 sounds like a good price for a GX1, until you notice that the G3 (same tech generation, not that much bigger, EVF built in) is currently going for $250 (body only).

I'd love to hear about the GX1, I'm in the middle of the process of buying a CSC/Mirrorless/EVIL?Whatevertheyare and, oddly, it's proving hard to eliminate the GX1. In spite of the relatively poor spec sheet, it just feels 'right' (in a way the Olympus doesn't for me, btw).


I fully understand the appeal of the OM-D and the Panasonic GF1 (at the time you originally purchased it), but isn't the GX1 from a sensor and IQ standpoint, pretty much identical to the G3?

A few months ago, Panasonic was discontinuing the G3 as it rolled out the G5, and I saw prices dip from $499 to as low as $299 for the G3 body with a 14-42 kit lens. Curiously, other than a post from you about the great closeout price, the G3 seems to have received little love or attention.

I know you had a Panasonic G3 for a while, but unless I missed a post, I don't believe I saw your thoughts or feelings on using a Panasonic G3.

Are the internals on a G3 the same as a GX1?

Will be very interested in your take on the GX-1, as I bought one (actually bought 2) during the pre-Christmas sales. I ignored the camera when it first came out, but back in early November ran into an old friend who let me try hers. Until then I had been planning on either a G5 or GH3 to replace my aging GH1, but after handling the GX1 and seeing the price (then $460 with lens) I ordered one. I like it so well that when I saw it on sale for a hundred less I bought a second, and have also added the EVF.

So far I'm very happy with my purchases. Most likely I'm set for another year.

For the Canadians in the crowd, it looks like Vistek has the same lens promotion going on right now.

OM-D E-M5? That camera is SO 2012!

Now I really wish you'd named the Leica Monochrom your Camera of the Year.

"The GX1 isn't the most exciting camera of the X era, but it's quietly gone down in price enough to become a true bargain at only $449."

You can get an E-PM2 for that price, and it has a better sensor. But I suppose some of you just can't lower yourselves to use a camera that doesn't have a mode dial.

Yes, that G3 price really is excellent. I bought a new G3 + 14-42mm + 45-200mm kit in April for $550 because I couldn't pass it up at that price (in-store special). In May I got an E-M5 + 4 more lenses and a flash so the G3 is my backup body now.

" the G3 (same tech generation, not that much bigger, EVF built in) is currently going for $250 (body only)"

Now THAT is a bargain. Compared to other m43 cameras like the G3 or E-PM2, the GX1 looks downright overpriced.


Have you tried, or are you intending to try, your OMD with the Olympus grip or one of the third party grips? I ask as I—like you—have a GF1 which I like, yet did not immediately take to the OMD when I tried it. I—also similar to yourself—did immediately take to the NEX7. Many here and elsewhere have stated the grip dramatically improves the handling and the feel. Due to having the same initial reaction as yourself, I would be interested in your take on the situation.

I, unlike yourself, haven't bought anything yet and look forward to your comparison with the GX1.

With many thanks,



Has anyone here successfully got a check from Olympus? I remember spending a year resubmitting forms to a rebate center and just gave up.

Mike, looong time lurker following you from Spain, never chimed in. Just a quick one: whatever happened to keeping your word and purchasing the Leica Monochrome?? ;-)

Now that Olympus has seen the light, perhaps the people that make "The Best Camera in the World" will do the same.

Probably not.

Eric asked if anyone ever got a rebate from Olympus. Here in London, I did and so did a friend; we both bought E-PL3 kits in March 2012. Olympus paid the rebates via bank transfer rather than cheque but it was fairly straightforward. The friend (and client) who bought the E-PL3 later ended up with an E-M5, as well (with no rebate at the time — it was hard enough just finding one in stock), and is still delighted by it today.

I'm happy to hear that you are writing about the GX-1. I have both the GF-1 and GX-1 and like then both. I've assigned the GF-1 to becoming the standard bearer for the Olympus 15mm which is fun so far. I really have enjoyed the feel of both of these cameras however, and I've been completely happy with the IQ for my uses. I even shot a wedding when the assigned photographer didn't show up and made large prints on canvas that impressed everyone. Getting out the big Canon full frame, happens much less often these days.

"Has anyone here successfully got a check from Olympus?"

Yes, but I think they were in the Caymans.

My wife and I were looking hard at a G12 for her to use as a hiking camera when we happened upon an open-box special: a GX1 with the power zoom for $500. After the first trip where I had a chance to compare the images with the ones coming out of my Nikon D80, I sold the D80 and bought a G3.

CraigC: Most of the internals are shared between the GX1 and the G3: same touchscreen, sensor, and firmware. The GX1 has more metal and less plastic and a couple of additional features like an artificial horizon driven off the accelerometer. That one seemed like a gimmick, but somehow we've never turned it back off. Composition with a viewfinder and a screen are two different beasts.

Hopefully the rebate lowers the price as you buy it. Otherwise, good luck. At least for me, I've never gotten a rebate by mail or by bank transfer. Ever.

Hello from another GF1 owner -- been wondering what to upgrade to...stay with Pany or Oly? Did you keep all your Pany lenses?

I purchased the Olympus OM-D E-M5 in August, when a similar rebate was offered. I got the body, a 17mm lens, and a 12-50 lens from Amazon, but the supplier, Sunset Electronics, amalgamated the order into a body w/ 12-50 lens, plus the additional lens.

The people fulfilling the rebates for Olympus, rebateaccess.com, claimed that I was only eligible for a rebate on one lens, rather than on two. In fact, though they claim to have sent out a rebate, I had not received it by mid-November, which was the reason I contacted them.

Today I have finally cleared up the situation by communicating directly with Olympus, I am told the two rebates will be coming to me shortly.

Remember, even in the best of circumstances, pay-later rebates are a mechanism to part you from your money now, and limit your rebate later, once it's too late to change your mind and return your purchase.

I am totally delighted with the camera itself. I use it daytime and twilight to capture urban landscape. The high ISO performance is almost as good as my 5D MkII; the ISO goes higher, but so does the noise. The 17mm pancake, unfortunately, is reviewed as the worse of the lot in its range, my bad, but it's good enough for street or event images, looking innocuous and unthreatening.

Like Laurence, I hate rebates.

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