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Tuesday, 01 January 2013


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You thnk the number keeps getting bigger? How about the Chinese calendar, which is either 4709, 4649, or 4710? Or Hebrew? My brother-in-law jokes he's still writing 5772 on his checks, even though the new year rang in on last September 16th.

Now as to the person on the support wire building the skyscraper, I can assure you there is no amount of money (or really, other form of compensation) that would get me up there. Same goes for helicopters (due to the God nut problem wherein every part is indirectly connected to, and trying to detach from said nut atop the rotors).

I'm looking forward to many great book suggestions. I haven't been disappointed with any of your suggestions yet (not that I've bought all, by a long stretch).


My favorite photo book I discovered last year was a stunning
portrait of acrobats called 'Private Acts: The Acrobat Sublime'
by Harriet Heyman (text) and Acey Harper (b/w photographs).
This book is a call to imaginative freedom for artists of all kinds. Harriet Heyman's essays beautifully complement the soaring photography of Acey Harper as both celebrate the dextrous world of the acrobat. Page after page provides a telling glimpse of these artists at 'play'. As well, the 'flow' of Acey Harper's photographs nicely dovetails with the craft of these acrobats as they forge a
wonderful synthesis between 'motion' and 'stillness'. A superb book!

Those photos bring on vertigo so instead I'm reading Aperture Magazine Anthology: The Minor White Years, 1952-1976. Makes one realise that all we agonise over now has been agonised over before...except now it is digital vertigo rather than chemical.

Hines is always a good choice! I think he's one of the greatest photographers of any time, anywhere.

I just love that Sammallahti book, you won't be disappointed I'm sure!

Here Far Away is an amazing collection of powerful work...one of my favorite books of photography in a long time!

I just got a copy of Here Far Away after your recommendation and a breif image search on google, amazing and beautiful work and printed to he highest standards, thankyou.

It never ceases to amaze me how much fantastic work is still out there waiting to be discovered even in these days of instant gratification via the web.

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