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Monday, 14 January 2013


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Agreed about the O-line. As a Colts fan, I watched Manning hide the O-line's ineffectiveness for years with his fast release. This year, the Colts led the league with 114 quarterback hits (second place had 93 hits,) and it's remarkable that rookie Andrew Luck played as well as he did, considering.

Pshh. I don't know what you are talking about. American Football season was over last Monday as soon as Alabama beat Notre Dame. I don't know what this "NFL" nonsense I keep hearing about is.

I'm only slightly kidding...

Keep "media directors" directing media... never allow a camera near their hands!

I'm still trying to compute that Denver loss. Brutal. Nothing worse then watching your team forget how to do what they've been doing so well.

Looking forward to next weekend however. Should be great.

The unkindest cut of all: likening a Boston-based team to the New York Yankees!

That Ravens-Broncos is one of the best games I've seen in my whole life, and is sad that It was decided by the main weakness Manning has had along his great career: throwing on the run.

Kaepernick is good but I think the Packers were awfully unprepared for him. I bet the Falcons will show up with a better game plan (And I couldn't agree more with you about O-lines).

Wisconsin still may have the best quarterback for a while, but that kid Wilson really impressed me. I think he may be the best in years to come.

"Wisconsin still may have the best quarterback for a while, but that kid Wilson really impressed me. I think he may be the best in years to come."

Yes, he impresses me too. That's assuming RGIII is a flash in the pan because he'll never stay healthy, and that Indy will continue to have a crap offensive line. Maybe Luck does deserve RotY because of the number of times he got hammered.

Kaepernick might be a factor in years to come too. Aaron's still young yet, though.


I think football is built around both lines, offensive and defensive. (This includes 'hybrid' defensive lines, which may now include a rushing linebacker). Everything behind them works well when they work well. Remarkable how many teams lose sight of this simple notion. But then I still think baseball is built around pitching and defense, not 'moneyball' stats.

I, too, initially thought Seattle erred by playing prevent defense. But some analysts showed that in fact they used a 5 man zone blitz, which was effective at other times in the game. But Atlanta's running back picked up the extra man on one of the plays and made a terrific game saving block. Watch the replay.

The real mistake at the end of the Seattle game, in my view, was made by Pete Carroll, the Seattle coach, when he tried to 'ice' the kicker by calling a time out (and then strangely acted as if he hadn't). It's a bad strategy that has been shown to rarely work. And here it backfired, as the first kick sailed wide right. As a result the wrong team got 'iced'...by Matty.

I'm a Baltimore native, so I won't say anything to jinx our chances from here. But I've seen, and been to, some unbelievable games going back to the 1958 Baltimore Colts (you know, the real ones :) ). This was another one for the ages.

Manning is such a class guy that many Baltimoreans who 'hate' anyone associated with the Indy Colts like and respect him. It started with Manning's praise of Johnny U. (former Baltimore Colt players think Manning resembles Unitas, in looks, demeanor and his game approach), and that automatically endears him to some folks...except when we play him.

Having my football heart broken last year when the niners lost to the Giants because of a fumble and a muff, I know what the Denver fans are feeling. I would rather have me team loose like the Packers or the Texans than how Denver and Seattle lost.

The Boston-based New England Patriots? Ahem, That's the Foxborough based Patriots ;-)

[Foxborough = Boston anyplace west of I-91. ;-) --Mike]

Once upon a time I wouldn't have had a singular clue what this post was all about and I would have cared even less. But in the last few years, since I subscribed to a TV/broadband package that includes a couple of extra sports channels, primarily for the English Premier League football, I've begun to watch the NFL. And I, and my wife too, am loving it. We went to Wembley in October for the Rams vs Patriots game and we'll be back again this year for the Jaguars vs 49ers stoush.

The Ravens vs Broncos game was a terrific advertisement for the sport, as is the way the vast majority of players conduct themselves on the field, with great respect shown to the game officials; something sorely lacking in the EPL.

As much as I like rooting for the underdog though, I don't fancy the Ravens to overcome the Patriots this weekend. I'll be cheering for the Ravens and I'd like to see Ray Lewis bow out in style, but I'm thinking the Superbowl will be a Pats vs 49ers affair.


"No one remembers the hundreds of games where the prevent kept a team from making a big play that would have one the game ..."
Duh, because there weren't any.
Agree that a solid o-line, in combination with a solid d-line, is the foundation for success .... too many teams (Philly this year and last?) seem to have forgotten that.

"I'm thinking the Superbowl will be a Pats vs 49ers affair."

Hope you're right. If they both play up to their abilities that will be one hell of a Superbowl.

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