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Saturday, 05 January 2013


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I've just ordered from amazon Spain, and for some strange reason the spanish and english versions are much more expensive (40%) than the italian... so I ordered the italian. I hope the text is not important.

For a moment I thought you were going to change your mind on camera of the year from olympus to a 4x5 speed graphic.

Not available at Amazon within 45 minutes of your post. I put it in my cart, went to add another book and it was removed from the cart as unavailable before I could check out. Also unavailable at the Book Depository. It looks like a beautiful book, and I hope I am able to find a copy.

Amazon UK (god bless their tax-avoiding hearts - if you weren't benefiting Mike, I'd not have gone ahead but your blog gives me so much pleasure buying things through it is the least I can do) have only four now, counting off the copy I just ordered. Thanks for posting this and Happy New Year.

Amazon Germany lists it as available for pre-order :-(

I was able to order one from Amazon Canada. They seem to still be available there at 12:30 pm Eastern time.

Thanks for the recommendation. Looks like just what I was needing.

Missed this.....shame as it looks gorgeous.

I first saw Pentti's prints at a gallery in Katonah, NY. Tellingly I don't remember the name of the gallery, but his prints haunt my memory.

Mike, as of 4PM EST new copies are out of stock at Amazon and Book Depository...
Used at Amazon, $113...

Managed to get one through Amazon UK, linked through TOP, and it is cheaper!

Thanks, looking forward to this one.

I'll keep an eye on supply in the coming weeks and alert people via Twitter when they're back in stock. I'm @TheOnlinePhotog.


Amazon.ca has 2

Looks great Mike, managed one from UK, nice birthday present to myself.
Thanks for the heads up.

One of the unheralded masters- at least here in the US. Good link to lots of his work (some reproductions better than others):


PS- A 15 yr grant- Finland (and the world) definitely got their money's worth!

Amazon Germany has the German version of the book ("hier weit enfernt").

You had me at "get this book". I didn't even read the rest of the post.

Amazon Canada, at 4:30pm, is taking orders but listing it as "Usually ships in 1 to 4 weeks." We'll see when it arrives, if ever.

Mike, a request for your people who are buying through the Links page rather than with the direct US and UK links in the article: could you please also include the ISBN in your text? Perhaps it could read "You can find links … here. Search for '1907893261'." This would cut several steps from my ordering process, which for a hot recommendation like this one, could make all the difference.

Ahh, for once it was great to be living in Sweden when it comes to buying photo books. I fell for the temptation and ordered it through Adlibris.se, which sells the English version for under US$ 60. Unfortunately, the site is in Swedish and they only ship nationally. Sorry I couldn't sponsor TOP through your links this time, Mike. All my B&H orders go through TOP, though. Can't wait to get the book now...!

22:00 GMT and Amazon U.K. took an order from me for one.

Had Amazon UK send one to my neice in London, (who can transship to me), then realized that Amazon Canada might still be available. It was!
It better be damn good -- that's 20% of my 2013 book budget spent (and a nice, unintended New Year's present for my neice).

Argh, my wallet went through the holiday period rather safely. After the shopping spree, shields down, and here you come...

One more down from amazon.uk

What I love is the pagan animism, without sentimentality or anthropomorphism.

It seems TOP (that would be you) has the power to sell out a book.
With that in mind, could you not make a deal with Cafe Royal Books to offer some of John Claridge's very early work? I am thinking of the small booklets "Along The Thames" and "Another Time, Another Place" which you managed to help sell out once before.
I worked on both Metropolitan and New Crane wharves in Wapping during the '60s, so the content means something to this present day Wisconsinite.

Got one for myself too, thanks Mike !

Seeing "DEWI LEWIS PUBLISHING" urged me to order it without thinking too long.

Because, a couple of weeks ago I spent a little fortune to get another Dewi Lewis book, now out of print, "White Sea Black Sea" from Jens Olof Lasthein (btw, super pictures, disappointing book layout).

It taught me to :
1-buy books at exhibitions you like, something I failed to do with the aforementioned book
2-order them if there's any chance you might like it right after they go out of print.


Yay! Amazon just e-mailed that it's on the way to me.

This is the 3rd time I've tried buying one of Sammallahti's books. Third time's the charm. People who know photo books have routinely raved about this photographer. I can scarcely wait. Seems to have a bit of the Michael Kenna vibe, albeit with a somewhat different aesthetic.

" I have to say my suspicion is that Sammallahti is either a dog-whisperer or maintains a trained pack. "

If so he's a grackle-whisperer in Texas and a flamingo-whisperer in Namibia too ...


I preordered mine on Amazon a couple if months ago, when I first heard it was coming out. Just got it a few weeks ago. I have to agree -- it's the best I've seen this past year. I also have Sammallahti's book of panoramics, as well as a tiny, but beautiful book called "Archipelago". Alas, I foolishly procrastinated buying a print or two when Photo-eye was featuring his work at reasonable prices. Good belated call, Mike!

Mike. You had me at 'Quadratones' Just ordered from Amazon here in the UK without problems. If anyone is stuck try www.beyondwords.co.uk.

Sorry Mike. I think I missed the link through from TOP. I was in such a rush. Bang goes another £40 of my Eizo fund. Bugger... ;-)


I love his photography. I have been following his work for quite a long time already. I ordered "here far away" a couple of month ago. Nice that you show him to TOP audience.

I just wanted to thank you for the excellent book recommendations throughout the year. I had never thought much about collecting books - the few I owned prior to 2012 aren't very "collectable", mostly Steve McCurry and reprints of Ansel Adams and Yousuf Karsh books. On your recommendation I bought the Walker Events American Photographs and really enjoyed it. When the opportunity came up to get the Edward Weston Life Work I jumped at it... and I'll never look at a photo book the same way again. I've had hours of pleasure sitting back flipping through it. Just phenomenal! Now I've caught the bug and have ordered Here Far Away and Out of the Shadows. My heart, mind, and soul thank you kindly; my wallet not so much.

For those fortunate to be in the Santa Fe, NM, USA area this month Photo-Eye gallery is exhibiting a retrospective of Pennti Sammallahti's work in featuring many images from this book (through February 9th). A wonderful look at his work; about 50 or more photographs exhibited!

Mike, I hate it when you recommend something that I can't buy.
(Not saying that I will though)

Where I spent a whole day at NYC photo galleries, the one artist that stood out, besides the "Dead Old Photographers," was Pentti Samallahti. I waited for his book to come out for months, but didn't want to pre-pay Amazon. That of course was a mistake because it immediately became unavailable "more coming soon" when it was released. So I bought it off another book dealer at a higher price (but still lower than retail).

Enjoy the book, it probably is one of the best books in recent memories.

I've got to get my hands on this book.

He really is a wonderful photographer isn't he.

As of 12:52 am on Sunday I was still place an order for one on Amazon.ca. (through the link here, of course)

And a bit of a spoiler about the DOGS. He's not a dog-whisperer. He used to carry around tins of anchovies or something. Position the bait, wait for the dogs. Most of the famous dog-shots are made in Russian Karelia, where the dogs roam free.
Still, wonderful stuff...

I've never been so glad that I compulsively check Twitter. =P

Looking forward to getting my copy this week. The second photo in this post sold me on the book right away. But all of them are wonderful. I try to capture that sense of otherness in my photographs of my surroundings, and am looking forward to learning from this book.

An excellent choice. I have reserved the book from the library here in Finland, and I just saw a note that the book is on the way to the nearest library to be picked up. Can't wait to see this book looks like. The photographs are from the years 1964-2011, quite a long period indeed.

I just realized the book seems to be sold out.

Another book with photographs by Sammallahti worth recommending is a book of photographs and poems depicting Helsinki (in Swedish, Finnish, French and English): Staden - Kaupunki - La ville - The city, poems by Bo Carpelan, photographs by Pentti Sammallahti.

But this is probably hard to find as well.

Thanks for the tip, Mike. I'm in Canada, and bought one of two copies on amazon.ca. Hopefully I won't get an email tomorrow saying it's oversold and back-ordered!

Two of my friends just left for Finland this morning, chasing the Aurora Borealis. The forecast was not good apparently. If I was a really kind person I might give them the copy of this Pentti Samallahti book that I just ordered from Amazon UK, but I fear I might be a bit too selfish for that...

I don't have the book and they are probably sold out everywhere now, but I saw his retrospective exhibition in Helsinki two years ago and it was awesome. And for Mike C.: he probably is a dog-whisperer and I remember reading somwhere that he always carried treats for dogs.

Thanks, Mike, this really struck a chord with me. Have ordered trough the UK link and it is presently on @2 weeks delivery time.
Mark Walker

I was fortunate to see his original prints featured in 'Here Far Away' at the Photo Eye Gallery several years ago.

Hi work is currently on exhibit at the Photo Eye Gallery:


Amazon UK still has them. I just ordered one a minute ago from here in Latvia. Thank you Mike.

Yes, but only because I agree with you. His dark lanscapes with custers of bright birds are gorgeous - even magical, as are his landscape with dog. Wonderful, unusual compositions and superb use of grey tones.

I ordered this from Amazon many months ago, and after confirming, they waited until last week to change their minds and tell me that it was no longer available. Happily, bookdepository still had some. The next day, Amazon listed it as available again.

That's what happened to me.


After not taking your advice and recommendations and passing on some (kicking kicking kicking myself on the last Peter Turnley offer) photo sales, I did take advantage of this and ordered a copy from Amazon Canada. Should be here in about a week and judging by all the other positive comments here, we'll worth the purchase price.

One question I do have is I ordered it through your link, shouldn't it say something somewhere on my digital receipt?

I saw the retrospective exhibition of his work at Rencontres Arles, last year. When I say 'saw', I mean I went back four times during the opening week to look again.

If the book is printed to show the quality of the prints (as it seems to be) and is available, then I may have to break my current economy-mode.

This book looks magical but I this time of the year $475 is beyond my means.
I am however going to keep an eye out for it if the situation settles down.
This images you shared were just lovely. Thanks for the tip.

Just ordered from deepdiscount.com. $45.87 with free shipping. Put ITEM NUMBER: 447896X in the deepdiscount search engine to get to the proper page.

Thanks for the suggestion.


Received it a few weeks ago, preordering it months ago from amazon.
I agree it is one of my best photobooks, and my second Sammallahti book, Archipelago is my other much loved photobook of his. Here far away is a wonderful book that you keep going back to.

I have been a fan of Penti Sammallahti for over a dozen years. I have three of his original silver prints that I got back when very few had heard of him in the US.

I also just received this book the other day and I can vouch for the reproduction quality. The images in the book are very close matches to the prints I own. As you point out, he is relatively unknown in the Americas, and It is hard to understand why this is the case. He is just an excellent photographer with a unique way of looking at the world.

Amazon US had one copy at $225 a couple of days ago, then it went out of stock. Now they have two copies at $425 each. That's nuts!

When my first son was about 7 or 8, he came home from school with one of those origami-like fortune tellers..folded paper with 4 points..you put your fingers in it..familiar? There are four panels that fold open and have fortunes written on them..you pick one for your fortune.

Written under one of the panels in his kid handwriting was :

"Dogs will follow you everywhere"

According to my son, this was the best fortune in the fortune teller.

When i look at this guy's work i think of that fortune teller, my son, my wife laughing and then crying when she read that fortune. I love this guys work.

I had to order it from Amazon.co.uk even though I live in the states. It was supposedly in stock but ships in 1-3 weeks.

But c'mon, how could I pass up on a book that's so good it threw out the previous book of the year? With a recommendation like that I had to purchase it!

The book is now going for $475 new on Amazon! This is crazy. I ordered it a month ago from Amazon via a reputable third party bookseller; it never showed up and they just refunded my order. I was really looking forward to this book, but now that it has become a collectors item I cannot obtain it. I hope a second edition is produced.

I saw an exhibit of his work at the Photo-Eye Gallery in Santa Fe NM about a month ago and their website indicates that it is still hanging. According to the PhotoEye Bookstore website the book is out of stock but they refer fans to Amazon Marketplace where they say that 3 new copies are on offer for $475 and 3 used for $719.

Had to buy my first domestic photo book. Strange how 'No man is a prophet in his own land'. Maybe I should start looking around...

The power of TOP: the book is now listed on Amazon for over $700.

Hi Mike - I had never heard of Sammallahti either. Thank you for sharing. I feel humbled and exhilarated by his work. I don't know how to describe it, almost angered by the beauty and the composition, and, of course, the dogs. I am so glad you "re-decided" and wrote this lovely post. Wow.
I referenced your link on my own post today... http://dreamdogsart.typepad.com/art/2013/01/pentti-sammallahtis-dogs.html

Right now, at 9 pm, Monday, January 7th, the "astronomic" price is "$ 7,777.00". :-)

I'm quite happy to have ordered it (via amazon.ca) following your first post mentionning this book. I am supposed to receive my copy tomorrow. Thanks!

The moment I saw this post I was consumed with the desire to own that book. I mean _consumed_. I spent an hour hunting online to see if I could find a store with copies in stock at a reasonable price. In the end, I ordered from Amazon.co.uk at a hefty premium because I was literally terrified that if I didn't buy it now, I would never get to see a copy.

I'm not a photobook aficionado (I own Bill Atkinson's Within The Stone, a folio of Bruce Haley's work, the Eliot Porter book you recommended, and about a zillion remainder table bug and reptile books). I'm not impatient by nature (I waited 7+ years to buy a DSLR, for instance). I'm not one to throw money around wantonly (what with being seriously underemployed, in debt, and hemorrhaging money). And I am _not_ a fan of this style of photography.

But something about Sammallahti's photos has connected with me on a primal level. The compositions, the play of light and dark, the toning, and the feeling that the photos capture orthogonal moments--instants where our world intersected with somewhere else...

I need these photos. _Need_ them in the same way that I need food, water, and shelter. They are a necessity, not a luxury.

Thanks Mike,
got the Italian edition. I was speechless by the beauty of these images, thanks for the precious advice.

I think one of those price-gouging Amazon sellers (like BrookB) must be playing some "photobook arbitrage" game with the Sammallahti book (and others), basically buying up ALL the inventory and immediately tripling the price. With books it doesn't take a lot of money to do. It's pretty crappy.

You have given me the bug for book-collecting! I've ordered about a dozen books that you have recommended over the past year or two and am very happy with this new hobby of sorts. One request when you recommend books: can you give us an idea as to what the regular retail Amazon price is? As we've seen with this last sale, we hit the link and it brings up the book with a price, but I wasn't really sure if the price was supposed to be $45 or $450? Some baseline number would help so I know I am not being robbed!

Interesting when you look at some of these books how the prices offered on amazon will range from $50 to $750 for the same book! Granted in some cases, the differentiation comes in editions and printings, but in some cases it's just arbitrary.



I see amazon.co.uk is now "Temporarily out of stock."

The upside of that for everyone is they think they can get more stock.

DeepDiscount.com went to backordered on placement. They clearly didn't have any stock.

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