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Monday, 17 December 2012


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Shortly after purchasing a print from a NY photo dealer in the early 90's, the dealer called me to ask if I would reconsider and sell back the photo since Keith was interested in it for the Hallmark collection. I was torn, but politely declined when the dealer let me off the hook, saying that doing so wasn't really expected. I've never spoken with Keith, but the photo reminds me of that interaction and our shared photo appreciation. On that basis, perhaps I should check out the Metzker book.

What's with this blog? I mean, don't you write about anything else besides photography? How about a few blogs entries about parachuting? agriculture and it's relationship to nudism? how about BLT's? Those are excellent sandwiches.

Not for posting here:

I wonder if this will ever be more than vaporware. Who know if it could possibly be practical.


Dear David,

Clearly you don't read my columns.

I am crushed. My fragile ego may never recover.

pax / Ctein

P.S. Oh, all better now. Never mind.

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