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Friday, 21 December 2012


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You cray, I can't imagine being tempted by a lens in another mount after dropping that kind of money on a body. It wouldn't even register on my radar.

[I hear you, and I'm not usually that way, but I've got this really nice EOS 1v film camera here that I've used only sparingly...it was an extended loan from a reader who (very generously) decided he really didn't need it back. Naturally I wouldn't consider a Canon digital SLR with the D800 in the house, but the thought of having IS with a film Canon is a bit tempting...but I don't need it...and I can't afford it...and...and.... --Mike

Merry Christmas Mike:
---> that Canon 35mm ƒ/2 IS I was slavering over which has just arrived at B&H (must not succumb...must not succumb...),<---

Just do it my son, just do it...
you pass on this plane of life this way but once so after you've obtained a present for Xander, just order the Canon lens!!!

some more ideas:

one of the little whibal cards
a tom abrahamsson soft release
the little books of essays by robert adams
lens coffe mugs
iphone apps: photographer's ephemeris, focalware, massive dev chart, reciprocity timer, mattebox, light meter, film tracks, pcam, viewfinder pro, alpa efinder...!
an upstrap or some other camera strap
something from leicagoodies

I could imagine such a camo camera is hard to find back once you leave it accidentally somewhere. For my level of organization, the orange one would save me hours of searching.

How do you know? You can't see them!

A good last-minute "stocking stuffer" idea for MFT owners is Olympus's 15mm body cap lens. It's basically a body cap with a lens, making your MFT camera even more pocketable. With its fixed-aperture it seems to be the very embodiment of Weegee's "F8 and be there!" guidance for press photogs.

Another stocking idea for the adventurous MFT owner (or someone who can't even manage the focus lever on that body cap lens) is Wanderlust Camera's Pinwide pinhole lens body cap. It's basically a pre-made pinhole lens in a micro four-thirds body cap.

I have both of these and must say that they're kinda fun!

"Everything, and I mean everything, looks better in camo. Cameras, Jeeps, cargo shorts, tank tops on women, you get the idea."

Cargo shorts should never be seen - camouflage or not. Especially not to be worn by overweight, middle aged men with beards.

This reminds me of a joke by Tommy Cooper (English comedian).

"I went out to buy some camouflage trousers yesterday... I couldn't find any".

Picked up a great deal myself in the Olympus XZ-1 with 16g card and spare battery for $350 delivered to my door (in the middle of nowhere in Australia). The results i got at first play, before being told to pack it pack away till Christmas Day, makes me feel i've got a decent little thing to complement my E610 SLR. And the XZ-1 utilises the wireless capability of my flash beautifully. Should be good for indoor party snaps with off-camera flash. Merry Christmas to you and all the TOP gang...

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