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Saturday, 15 December 2012


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What!? You're on Twitter!?!?!?!? That's even more surprising than TOP offering $3,000 prints for a fraction of the price.

Oooooh! Can I buy them now please?


This is interesting news.
I have a personal point here.
My life is crowded enough with computer spam. I make it a clear choice NOT to be a member of any "social network".
I dislike being disturbed by messages from people I might only remotely know, or from whatever type of organisation I do not subscribe to. I do not desire to be monitored by any commercial or marketing research center.
I have made T.O.P. one of my few "social places" of choice on the net.
It would be very nice, to be able to sign up (with a possibility to delist of course) on a T.O.P. list of "friends" or whatever you want to call it, so that I would receive e-mails with any important messages that the Edotor deems worth sending, including commercial offers.
This could be actually linked to your "publishing house" idea.
Best regards

I know retiring prints, even entire negatives, has a long history, but it always strikes me as wrong. I see it as contrary to the spirit of photography, a concession to the limitations of wood block, intaglio, silk screen, and such printing technologies, plus giving in to the collectors.

Good choice for a print sale. Unfortunately, I've used up my art budget for the next couple of years. Mike, hold onto your Chamonix; place one of Michael's or Paula's prints on a wall opposite to the view camera. Focus the camera onto the one of their landscape photos. Put a nice black cloth over the ground glass of your Chamonix and gaze at the upside down and reversed projection. Presto! What a satisfying way to view a well-composed and technically flawless black and white photo taken the old-fashioned way.

Michael and Paula are two of the finest photographers around. Excellent work, excellent craftsmanship and the highest quality you will see. Both are top notch people as well.

Nothing like taking your first peek at a ground glass.

If you're taking requests I like the Iceland abstracts

Pleeeease something other than twitter or facebook.... something personal.

I've looked at their site, wondering the while how nice these photos would look like as a print, and just reread your post to find out that they are contact prints!

As ever, I can't afford the prints, but your print offer is part of what makes TOP unusual on the web; it promotes photography. Carry on, that man!

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