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Sunday, 16 December 2012


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I guess most people saw this, but just in case....


So your saying that I'm safe to rack up the ol' credit card charges on photographic equipment and not to worry about paying for it after the 21st? Thanks, Mike! I have a lot sitting in my Amazon wish list at the moment, but not for long! Of course, if the world doesn't end on the 21st I may have to board with you to keep from living on the streets.

Seems to me the Mayans were over-optimistic by about 315 years.

"As further proof (as if any more were needed), I saw the weather report on TV last night, and they were only forecasting the weather until Friday. The 21st. For the 22nd—nothing. They didn't even mention next Saturday. This proves that they, too, know what the Mesoamericans knew"

Send these to the weather reporters:




You have now pushed one of my buttons :-)
Actually on the Mayan calendar it's just the end of a Long Year and then the next one starts. they're called baktun if I remember right.
Still got time for some last minute shopping before the annual festival of over-eating though.

Thanks Daniel, but TOP doesn't get credit for stuff in your Wish List. Only for stuff you choose and buy after using our links....

Mike the F.I.D.

Bill Hughes,
I agree the imprecision about what the Mayans believed might be annoying, but let's also remember, the Mayans didn't know anything about what's going to happen on Saturday. Any more than the weather reporter does.


Sorry about "Da Bears", Mike

Speaking of sports, could the Mayan calendar and the NHL lockout be coterminous? If everything goes black and you-know-what freezes over, it'd sure be swell to have hockey down there...

(Yes, I asked Santa. No, the elves don't do labor disputes)

For Bears fans (and Cubs fans too) it's *always* the end of the world.

With best regards,


If you are not going to be using your full frame DSLR after this week I'd be happy to give it good home. I'm feeling lucky.

But everybody knows that on Sunday, February 7 2106, Unix time will reach 0xFFFFFFFF or 4,294,967,295 seconds and will be followed by Thursday, January 1, 1970.
And you know, January 1, 1970 seems like a excellent place to start things over now that I think about it.

Hey Mike,

I'm now in Palenque, Chiapas, and can report that things are really quiet. Almost feels like San Francisco in December 1999 :)

Hey Mike, don't burst my bubble, I'm buying a winning lottery ticket for the 22nd. :)


Your disclaimer is wrong. Of course, TOP does has the ability to predict the future. It predicts a print sale. But results may vary.

I am tempted to observe that the Mayan's overestimated how long they needed their calendar to go since their civilization bit the dust way before then. But would be churlish of me wouldn't it?

Hmm...weather reporters not optimistic...

"And you know, January 1, 1970 seems like a excellent place to start things over now that I think about it."

Amen, brother Hugh.

End of the world on 12/21. This is a good thing! I won't have to pay bills anymore! I won't have to work anymore! I won't have worry about which digital camera will next make me drool! Sing praises!

As BBC radio's topical satire programme The Now Show,


pointed out in a song, if the Mayans could tell the future, they would have predicted the Spanish arriving, and the Mayans would still be here!

With five days left, there is still time to order something nifty for yourself or a loved one from B&H or Amazon, and have it arrive in time to enjoy it!!

And your credit card bill will not be due until after the 22nd, so you get to enjoy it for free!!

Am I the only one who noticed the small "Page 1" chiseled into the bottom center of the stone?

Does this mean the January print offer is cancelled?

The Mayans didn't do a great job predicting the Spanish. Maybe their forecasting abilities were overrated.

Mike, I guess what's more "annoying" to me is the implication that the mayans thought they DID know anything about what's going to happen on saturday, aside from the ending of a certain period of time, mathematically. All people who are authoritative on the subject (including living maya) would indicate that the specific date is little more than a "signpost" marking a particular era, like the "welcome to the town of fredonia" sign up my street is not in fact the town itself.

The widespread jokes tend to refer to the maya while actually mocking claims made by out-there modern westerners. Perhaps this is seen as "safe" because the maya are in pop culture regarded as something in the past; this is not the case, however, as the maya are the largest surviving indigenous ethnic group in the americas. Looked at through that lens, while I'm sure it's always far from intentional, a lot of the "maya 2012" jokes seem not dissimilar to, say, jokes about black people and watermelons.

Not calling you a racist, Mike. I like you. It just seems to me that a current pop culture phenomenon is duping many of us into contradicting our own values.

buy now on your credit card. You will get your toys and when the world ends, you will screw the bank at the same time.
Sometimes you can have your cake and eat it too!

more or less true depending on ones opinion of meteorology - but you can take the same view of any/every day.
I suppose that mean we should carpe diem - and get out and shooting!

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