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Friday, 28 December 2012


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Will I be the first to express surprise that Kodak didn't make that list?

Mike, the link takes us to a story from June. It mentions Suzuki but not Mitsubishi Motors. I'd take a bet with them on their Oakland Raiders choice too. Last I heard it was the Chargers moving north to Los Angeles. Someone will soon anyway be it the Chargers, Raiders, Jaguars or even the Rams going back.

Note "Kodak" isn't on the list. Yay.

OTOH- maybe a company with a share price of 0.18 and a market cap of 49M doesn't make the list?

It might be worth noting that there's a difference between a company disappearing and the brand disappearing. For example, Sharper Image went out of business but the Sharper Image brand name is now used by other companies.

And even when a company still exists, its brand may be used elsewhere. E.g., the Bell & Howell brand is used on lots of stuff unrelated to the company with that name, and Westinghouse is now a company that makes nuclear reactors but the Westinghouse name is licensed for many other companies' products.

That article, from last June (as noted), makes no mention of JCPenney, Martha Stewart Living, or Mitsubishi. The ten brands listed are:
* Avon
* MetroPCS
* The Oakland Raiders
* Salon.com
* Suzuki (already gone)
* Pacific Sunwear
* Research in Motion (Blackberry)
* Current TV
* Talbots
* American Airlines

Maggie, just go sit in the corner and read your new Avedon book.

I predict that they are wrong about Mitsubishi.

I can't imagine any Evo being embarassed by a wrx. Evo spanks the sti, so would totally own a regular wrx. Rumors of mitsu's demise have been swirling for years now.

[This is definitely what we need around here, a Mitsu vs. Subie war! Yay.

Next up, Mcintosh vs. conrad-johnson. No? --Mike]

RIM won't be gone. The NFL can go for all I care -- the CFL and this year's Grey Cup were all I needed of pigskin football.

Speaking of sports, the NHL may be gone in the next few years. What with Gary Bettman's (non) "leadership", I expect a new league to be formed. Bettman and the owners who prop him up are idiots.

The American Airlines name will survive. It will probably be U.S. Airways (actually America West) management. The American brand is still better than U.S. Airways.

In the same way that United is the name, but Continental is running it.

Yes, in both cases it's the lesser of two evils...

Dave, I am DEVOURING the Avedon book, along with the Marshall book.

You know, I helped hang the Avedon show a the Minneapolis Institute of The Arts, back when I was an MCAD student and getting my hands on that Avedon book was like Moses getting an extra copy of the Ten Commandments. I can't even begin to convey my gratitude to you for making that piece of art histroy available to me@

Ed, four words: Well Tuned, Well Driven.


Mcintosh vs CJ is pointless, both are long since irrelevant. Their best days were years ago, and even then were nothing special. (mcintosh is owned by some asian conglomerate now anyway) Big push pull tetrode/pentode nonsense from CJ, and overly warm autoformer based stuff from mcintosh... Both blah. I had a pair of CJ Premier 5 s, but ultimately sold them, even after lots of mods and improvements, they underimpressed. For a real tube amp shootout, I'd say Electronluv vs. anything, or for SS, sony 1-series (or older -10 series) vs Pass vs 47labs vs CTC.

The best thing Subie has had lately is the BRZ. Mitsu has no answer to that, but the evo still stomps anything wrx/sti.

No Olympus then? Whew

"Next up, Mcintosh vs. conrad-johnson. No? --Mike"

I've read, anyway, that when C-J amps melt down they emit a much greater volume of smoke than Mac amps. I know it's a subjective measure but any electrical engineer will tell you more smoke equals more better!

Most smoke from electrical and electronic products is highly toxic. More smoke would be more toxic by my reckoning!

(Electrical/Electronic Engineer)

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