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Thursday, 27 December 2012


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That is the case even if the display is primary, not secondary. For whatever reason, Apple does display control over USB instead of DDC.

This helped me. Thank you Mike!


> if you want fine control...push the Shift & Option keys

Brilliant! (pun intended). Works for volume too.


Does holding ctrl-F1 or ctrl-F2 not adjust the brightness on the other display?

[No. Just the main display. --Mike]

The need for a USB cable has existed for many generations of the Apple display. My 20" Apple Cinema Display (purchased new in 2006) requires USB to control brightness.

[Curious, then, that a full-time independent Apple tech/repairman, two Apple phone tech support people, and one tech support supervisor with seven years' experience still didn't know it.... --Mike]

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