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Thursday, 08 November 2012


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Mine is on the way!

I was charged before the storm, just got a shipping confirmation this morning(Thursday).

I received an e-mail from Michael a few days ago informing me my book was on the way; UPS says I'll receive it on Monday.

Damn UPS for not delivering on weekends!!!!

I was very surprised to receive mine on Wednesday morning. I've only had a chance to look through it for a few minutes, and that made me decide to lay it aside until the weekend when I could sit with it for some time in good light. I've not seen anything its like.

The offer was an opportunity that I'm very glad I took. But this is a hook isn't it? How will I be able to resist future book offers?

I hope they are checking where they are sending the books to make sure that the purchaser is in a position to receive it.

I'm on high ground and lucky to have dodged most of sandy and whatever that other storm was called, but I'm in walking distance of some pretty devastated neighborhoods.

I believe the word is undiscombobulated.

I received mine on Wednesday and haven't even had a chance to take the wrapping off it yet. I want to be able to sit, relax, and enjoy and not be in a rush, so it'll have to wait another day or two. By the sounds of things it'll be worth the wait!

Got mine this evening. It's very pretty.

Got mine yesterday. WOW, the printing is fantastic. This book comes as close to a darkroom print as I have seen in a printed book. I have the Edward Weston One Hundred Twenty Five Photographs book as well. This quality in the Lodima book is worlds better than that one. The selection of images is very good too, though I think both books have some strong images the other does not.

Thanks to Lodima and TOP for making this available at a nice price.

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