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Thursday, 08 November 2012


I prefer the second Version Mary.

My brain filled in the blank. I would probably be able to fill it in even more if you were to send the camera to me to test....

Looks like the space shuttle to me...

800 pixels is way too little. And I think Typepad is for-pay, isn't it? Blogger, which is free, has for years allowed up to 1600 pixels on both sides, much more useful.

Great, now that I've seen this post, I can't NOT see what other people have seen instead of the face I originally saw. Ugh

Why read it on the site rather than my reader?

You're having too much fun, I can tell.

Data Please, ISO, F stop shutter speed, Lens used etc.
Do you have any idea how many of us are looking fwd to some real data. I hope it is bad because my CFO (chief financial officer) has denied me a loan.

Have fun, keep us up to date.

It's two faces kissing a vase, actually.

Coming from a Catholic country where "Mama Mary's" likeness are ubiquitous, I had no problem recognizing her statue in the second photo as posted in your blog. I also remember this statue from the photo you posted during HC-B day. Hence, I didn't see the figuration illusion until you pointed it out.

It is no small irony to me, therefore, that you should mention "phallic" and the Blessed Virgin in "one breath" (actually, a page apart). As a nominal Catholic, my biggest frustration with the Catholic Church in my country is the hierarchy's intransigent position against any form of artificial birth control despite rapid population growth. Equally frustrating, if not more so, is our elected politicians' obeisance to the Catholic Church in spite of the constitutional provision on the separation of church and state.

I'm also eager to see your daylight photos of the statue and others. The capability of DSLR's to make noiseless, well-resolved photos in the dark even when hand-held is almost enough to make one relent. Even an amateur like me with no gear ambitions beyond mirrorless APS-C's for reasons of affordability and portability. Hopefully, there won't be as much daylight between the D800E and my APS-C during the day as there is at night (with due allowance for the photographers' ability, of course).

Since you have shown the details that is in the face, the more I like that shot. By cropping off the left side and keeping the rest of the image square, the little light pointing at the stature and everything surrounded in deep black makes for a very nice Icon photo. I cannot deside if a matte paper or a inkjet baryta style paper is the best. I hope you print it rather than just do an online version. CHEERS...

"It is no small irony to me, therefore, that you should mention 'phallic' and the Blessed Virgin in 'one breath' (actually, a page apart)."

I do beg your pardon. I sincerely meant no offense whatsoever by the poor choice of words. I was merely trying to characterize the disembodied shape, not trying to link the two in any way. I'm normally sensitive to words, but I fear I'm not very sensitive to religious scruples.

I'll change it, mindful that the damage might already have been done. My apologies.


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