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Thursday, 01 November 2012


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I would love to wake up one morning and discover that the world had switched to measuring sensors in something comprehensible like square millimeters instead of the insane inch/fractional inch system, which doesn't actually specify the size of any part inside the camera in question at all.

While I like my LX5, I find the images are a little "brittle" if that means anything to anyone else. Maybe it's just me since I only shoot Raw and convert using the SilkyPix software that came with it. I like it because it's smaller and easier to drop in a pocket than my old Canon G10. But the G10's results are more to my liking.

Great price, however.

The point about the lack of a hotshoe is well taken. That said, if Sony is selling the RX100 and successors around the $650 mark, I doubt these cameras will ever be able to command $500 again.

"The S100 is fine for outdoor daytime pictures, but without a flash small-sensor cameras just aren't the right choice for indoors in most cases."

Perhaps it's just a run on sentence but ...

The Canon S90/S95/S100/S110 all have a built in flash. It pops up when you turn the flash on. The RX100 doesn't. Neither have hotshoes.

In the case of the S95 the camera is thinner than the ISO hotshoe. So it will fit in a jean's pocket but the LX5 (and the other cameras) won't. It's a trade off and one I'm happy to make so I can take the camera everywhere.

The S95 (and the other small sensor cameras) works indoors without a flash, especially in B&W.

For example an S95 at ISO 3200, Somewhere in suburbia

Somewhere in suburbia

The S100/S110 should work even better at low light.

Brilliant little camera at a truely brilliant price. I take mine everywhere and it never ceases to amaze me at the quality of the files it produces.

And a beautiful Queen among all the compacts, Pentax Q, is now on sale too, I see (Amazon, BH Photo, etc.). And yes, it has a hot shoe too, and a flash, and the flash can raise well above the body. And the flash sync of 1/2000 sec ...
No one knew that? Perhaps time to raise our flashes well above crowd ... :)


You're right that my sentence wasn't precise. But unless I'm using it for fill, I never use the built-in flash on a compact camera. From the context, I hope it was clear that I was talking about the ability to insert an external flash and bounce it off the ceiling/wall.

Is it possible to use these cameras indoors? Of course. Is it possible to take low-light, high-ISO pictures that turn out well? Of course. But most people use cameras indoors to take handheld pictures of people. People who move. And in my experience, especially if children are involved, it is hard to take good pictures in those situations with a small-sensor compact without using an external flash.

Contrary to rumor,the RX100 does have a flash. You can tilt it upward for ceiling bounce flash, too. Nonetheless, I normally keep mine turned off.

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