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Monday, 19 November 2012


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The other rational guy just keeps his D700.

Also a sane option. Added. Thanks.


And by the way, my advice to anyone with the misfortune to be sane is to buy the D600. Or keep your D700.

If offered a brand new D700 as a swap for your D800, together with the difference in retail cost, would you swap? (I consider you an exemplar of sanity.)

"If offered a brand new D700 as a swap for your D800, together with the difference in retail cost, would you swap?"



The D700 is excellent (I have two as well).

The D800 is more excellent. No... the D800 is much more excellent.

If I had to replace my D700s tomorrow, the insurance money would go towards a D800 ( not the E) and a D700 for back up.

As things stand, I can live with the D700's excellence level.

I look forward to hearing more about your B&W experiences.

Congratulations! I wish you a long, satisfying relationship your new purchase.

I bought the D600 (partially I do not have time to deal with the left focus issue; just want to use it as you said not to optimise it). I am still however envy your D800.

Hence, can you explain now why I am sane, even though I am of course sane.

Dear Mike, one aspect I'd appreciate some insight into is how slow your computer is to open up the large images captured by the D800. I'm contemplating buying the camera as a simple upgrade (all I need to do is add a '0' to my D80 and then stare into the huge pit that opens up in my bank account), but I think I'm going to need to buy a new computer at the same time. Whatever your setup is, do you notice it's struggling? I've done some searching on this subject, but not managed to find much info.

Best, Colin.

PS thank you for publishing such a wonderful blog

I just opened a small JPEG and it seemed to take just under 2 seconds. Then I opened a D800 NEF file and it also seemed to take just under two seconds. (I'm just looking at my computer clock, I have no way to do more precise timing.) I haven't noticed any difference in handling D800 files as opposed to any other kind. I think my computer might be more powerful than average but it's also not extraordinary by any means--it's a mid-2010 27" i5 iMac with 16GB of RAM and a 2TB hard drive.

One trick I got from Lloyd Chambers to help files open and save faster is to disable compression of PSD and PSB files in Photoshop Preferences>File Handling. I can't tell you if that actually helps as I didn't test it.

Mike (not a computer expert by any means)

Hello Mike, I'm predominantly a Lightroom user, but this is interesting. Many thanks.

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