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Wednesday, 07 November 2012


0.91% :)

That might be a little high, then. Let's say 7% of 4%. That's probably more like it. [g]


Try .91% (point nine one percent)

00.7 x 0.13 = 0.0091 or nearly 1%.

13% of 7% are (100*0.07*0.13)% = 0.91%

kind regards,

I don't want to sign up to just find out the price. So what is the price oh purveyor of fine jazz?

13 percent of 7 is 2.21 percent.

About 1%, give or take.

I made the first cut, but not the second. Love the Leonard photograph, though.

Love that picture. Dexter is my favourite sax player. By the way, thanks for introducing me to that site. I give myself 10 hours before I'm totally broke.

The niche within a niche is 0.91% of those who read this, according to the Chief Demographer in Residence.

Damm you. I had told myself I was having a consumer free day today!

What a wonderful photograph. Back then, I'd loved to be a musicians' photographer as well. Oh, and I'm in the 7%, but not in the 0.91%, tho I'd also love to have a Thorens player as much as I'd like to have a Hassy of the C5xx series...



0.13 times 0.07 equals 0.0091, or about nine-tenths of one percent.

Hey! You're in the one percent!

I enjoy listening to the CBC jazz program, "Hot Air" usually on my way home from work in the evening when I work the night shift. BTW the Herman Leonard photo of Dexter Gordon is beautiful, I can only imagine what the print would look like.

It is 1.61%: 0.13ยท0.07=0.0161

13% of 7% is 0.9%. So only about 1% of your readership is interested. If you really want to address a niche market, please write a post about crystallographic texture.

I hope Ctein doesn't mind my interfering with his math.



0.9 (following Ctein's lead who abhors superfluous decimal places) or 1%.

I don't belong to the 1%. Dexter Gordon along with Ben Webster, Gerry Mulligan, Stan Getz, and John Coltrane (on tenor not soprano sax) are my favorite classic sax soloists.

Darn you, Mike! Wish you'd written "If [blah blah], DON'T check out popmarket.com..." (Nah, not really--that wouldn't have worked.) [sigh] I know this is going to lead to upgrade-itis re my ancient Hitachi turntable, too.

Thanks for the heads up!

(Never imagined that I was part of the 1%, but I think your estimate is too conservative. I bet your readership has a higher proportion of bop and vinyl fans than the general population.)

Mike, I'm among those 0,9%. However, I'll pass the offer for a simple reason - I have all those albums bar Kenny Burrell's. In 180g HQ vinyl and all four of them in pristine condition. Last sunday I happened to listen to two of them ("Moanin'" and "The Sidewinder"), which prompted me some thoughts about the relationship between Jazz and photography, which I expressed on my blog. (I was going to publish a link to the latter, but web translations from portuguese are so ludicrous I decided not to...)
Anyway, thanks for the useful tip. I used to buy Jazz LPs from truebluemusic.com, but apparently they've decided we the 0,9% aren't such a profittable niche.

Jazz is like fine Scotch; you have to know what it's made of in order to *fully* appreciate it.

I can't decide what is more amusing: doing the calculation for you or doing the calculation and getting it wrong.

"I'll pass the offer for a simple reason - I have all those albums bar Kenny Burrell's. In 180g HQ vinyl and all four of them in pristine condition."

That was my problem. I have them already.

Nice problem to have, though.


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