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Thursday, 08 November 2012


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I keep the strap around my neck, to prevent a drop, but hold the camera in my left hand, switch to the right to shoot.
I am coming from 4/3 and m4/3 and smaller sensor cameras to the D800E so the upgrade is extreme.
I am curious as to how you compare the D800E images to your A900 ones.
What lens or lenses are you using?

Those net details illustrate moiré nicely. Can you please rent the non "E" 800 as well and carry that around in your other hand so we can compare the two? Thanks ;)

You know, I remember when you first got the A900, and you wrote about how the camera "saw" better than you did with your own eyes. Apparently the D800 is the same experience, but just taken to a new extreme.

I'm 90% sure that's not moiré, but I'll go take a closer look at the net tomorrow.


"Or whatever the photo-geeky equivalent of "intoxicating" is."

I see it ofte, so the rough equivalent must be: "Blew/blows me out of the water", or "blew/blows me away."

That's not color moire, but obvious aliasing. That word seems to have been forgotten since the D800E's birth (haven't seen mention of it in any reviews), but that's what gives false and ugly details in cases like this.

What lens(es) are you using?

"comparison is the thief of joy" - teddy roosevelt

Dear Philip,

Yeah, it's moire, but I'll give you 20-1 odds it's NOT got anything to do with the sensor array.

pax / Ctein

I don't use a neck strap on my DSLR either, but carry it around in one hand, using a DIY wrist strap:

That shadow detail is totally and utterly somewhere between hilarious and insane.

As for detail- repeat...

"What lens(es) are you using?"

The only Nikon lens I have is the rented AF-S Nikkor 35mm ƒ/1.4G. That's all I'll be using on the camera this go-round.


It's a beautiful piece, the D800(E). A larger camera than I want carry around at present, but there's a reason that, of the SLR kit I'm selling off, I'm keeping my Nikkor lenses ... !

...picture 7 does it for me.

"What's going on with the 'red' floodlight? Bad RAW conversion?"

No, it's just the saturated pixel warning in Photoshop. Too much exposure to recover detail.


"I don't see how including the telephone poles adds anything to the picture."

[...Deep breath...]

OK, bear with me. I could make a fair case that having the Virgin Mary emerge from the outline of the tree behind her extends her aura. She isn't floating in space, and instead the shadow of the tree amplifies and magnifies the general form of her body.

And the telephone poles (I'm sorry, but I have to say it) evoke the cross.

So I'd say the telephone poles and the tree CAN add something to the picture, but whether that something is something you WANT to add, is another question altogether.

[Ahhh...the dangers of reading into new camera test shots...]

Best regards,

Ack. Pixel-peeking! Let me know when you're done....


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